The One Ring

Seeing as Lilly’s latest post highlighted the fact that we somehow hadn’t talked about RPGs yet, I have decided to make a quick post about one of my favourites! This will also serve as a nice intro to my new series of posts I am working on 🙂

The One Ring, as I’m sure is obvious, is an RPG set in Middle-Earth. It was first released in 2011 by Cubicle7, making it a relatively new game in the world of tabletop RPGs. I first discovered it when I was looking for ideas for the first RPG i could have a proper go at DMing myself (I had tried a one shot with Discworld already, but didn’t get on well with GURPS). I eventually decided to look up what Middle-Earth or Lord of the Rings RPGs were out there. With me still being quite new to RPGs having only tried D&D for the first time a few years earlier, I thought that running a game in a very thoroughly realised world that i was quite familiar with would make things a bit easier for me. I started looking through the previous two RPGs of MERP from 1993 and LOTR RPG from 2002. They seemed like decent games, and were fairly standard. But then I stumbled upon The One Ring, and suddenly found it in my possession…


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