Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 11: Star Wars

Podcast time! We’re here to chat about Star Wars! Spolers for pretty much everything ahead!

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In this episode we are joined by our faithful regulars Mike and Jaq to discuss the eventful recent year in the universe of Star Wars! There’s plenty of chat about The Rise of Skywalker, and the new trilogy in general. There’s some praise for the Mandalorian as well, and a quick mention of Jedi: Fallen Order!

Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 9: Sci-Fi

The podcast returns! This time it’s all about Sci-Fi!

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In this episode we are joined by our friends and frequent guests Mike and Jaq to have an impromptu chat, at the behest of Lilly, all about Science Fiction in its various forms!

The discussion goes down some unexpected paths and gets very interesting! Spoiler: it gets slightly political 😛

My Top 5 Actual Play RPG Podcasts

If you like RPGs, but can rarely get a group together to play, or even have yet to try one, then you may be able to scratch the roleplaying itch with an ‘actual play’ podcast. This is essentially just a recording of someone’s RPG session, rather than something scripted or otherwise retold, hence ‘actual play’.

These kind of podcasts can be really useful to give you ideas and even show you a good example of what playing an RPG is like if you’ve never had the chance. Before I started playing RPGs several years ago I looked for something to show me how it’s done and I stumbled across an actual play podcast called ‘Critical Hit’ from, and that gave me a pretty good idea of D&D 4th Edition, which is what I started with. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend them now, as I haven’t listened to them in over 5 years, but you can find all the podcasts at their website HERE. They are still going to this day.

High Rollers D&D


The first I would really recommend on my list, in no particular order, isn’t technically a podcast, but more of a Twitch stream and youtube series, but it can be easily converted to audio. This is High Rollers D&D, done by a few people from the Yogscast from Youtube. Continue reading “My Top 5 Actual Play RPG Podcasts”

Star Wars Identities (The O2, London, 30/03/2017)

Today we wanted to share with you guys a bit of our adventure to the exhibition that is currently at the O2 in London: Star Wars Identities. If you didn’t know about this thing but want to, here is the link to the web – Pues el otro día estuvimos en la exhibición de Star Wars Identities, y pensamos en mostraros que habíamos estado haciendo. Si no sabéis de que va la historia, aquí os ponemos el link de la página web:

It was fun!! Yes, the entrance cost was high (£20 normal entry £15 if you can get a concession). But to be honest, we spent like 2 hours in there, and the experience itself is pretty unique. Now, let me say that this is not just a gallery where you go see Star Wars stuff like props and the like. Yes, there is some of that – pictures just further down – but this is also an interactive gallery where you create your own Star Wars character! As you come in they give you like an audio guide that activates in certain areas to accompany certain TV screens giving you info on either the Star Wars universe or the character creation process to guide you through this journey. You are also given this strange wrist band that allows you to interact with some of the stations and creates your own profile for your character. Therefore, whether you are a big Star Wars fan, or someone who likes the franchise, or you are just looking out for a different thing to do, or maybe something to do with the kids, give this a go.

Estuvo divertido la verdad (la entrada cuesta un pico, £20 libras, £15 si puedes sacar ticket reducido tipo carnet estudiante), pero nos tiramos ahí dos horas enteras, y la experiencia es que es bastante distinta, por tanto, creo que mereció la pena. No es simplemente una galería a la que vas a ver maquetas y ese tipo de cosas sobre el universo de Star Wars – también lo hay – ¡pero al mismo tiempo te ofrecen una aventura interactiva en la que creas tu propio personaje! En la entrada te dan una especie de audio guía que se activa en determinadas paradas para acompañar lo que te ensenas en una pantalla sobre Star Wars o sobre el proceso de crear un personaje. También te dan una especie de pulsera tecnológica que te permite interactuar con las paradas donde tienes que determinar ciertos aspectos de tu alter ego. Así que como veréis esto es tanto para grandes como chicos, super fans y gente que simplemente busca algo interesante que hacer.

So, what comes next is showing you bits of the exhibition as well as the character creation process and what I came out with. Y nada más que dejaros aquí con algunas fotos y videos que hicimos durante nuestra peque aventura 🙂

The journey begins and you must choose a race – Lo primero es escoger raza, si no, mal vamos.

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I Went to See Rogue One…Then, the Rebel Princess Was Gone

I saw Rogue One less than 24 hours ago, shortly after knowing that Carrie Fisher was recovering from a heart attack. This update was going to be about the movie itself and the positive impact it had on me, considering the fact that I particularly disliked Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Now, I have come to the keyboard, but I cannot just write what I thought I would. Now my feelings about this update, about the movie, the franchise, my childhood, my own ideas…the just do not feel appropriate anymore. Many have been claiming how 2016 has been the year of the plague. It begun with another big favourite of mine – Alan Rickman – then I mourned a genius of British fantasy at his memorial – Terry Pratchett – to only find out not long after that, that the Goblin King was also dead – Bowie. I thought that was pretty bad, but now it just becomes clear the impact people have in your life. Even these people, who I never met, not in a million years I could have. I only knew them through their pictures, their words, what they conveyed to me through the media. I guess it was not until literally a couple of minutes ago I realised how much Carrie Fisher meant to me, personally. Not for her being her, but for the world she helped me discover.

If you have seen my post on our Facebook page, then you would have read this already, however I will repeat it just in case you didn’t:

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Geek Obsession – Boba Fett and The Mandalorians

I finally decided to have a crack at sharing one of my ‘geek obsessions’ as Lilly already has a couple of times on the blog, and like Lilly I’m going to start off with a subset of the Star Wars fandom!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for a fairly minor character in only 1.5 for the Star Wars movies, Boba Fett is surprisingly popular. Now I wasn’t around at the time, so I’m not entirely sure when or why his cult following came together, but to be honest, it probably has something to do with the cool armour and jetpack, which is now a very symbolic and recognizable part of Star Wars today.

My being a fan of Mr Fett Jr does however come second to Fett senior. Jango Fett. Obviously I’m a younger generation of Star Wars fan, which has led me to the fairly unpopular view that the prequels are actually watchable! So for me the ‘obsession’ with these characters came from Episode II, where to me the best part of the film is Jango Fett, the feared bounty hunter and basis of the entire Republic clone army! Jango Fett is just a much cooler character to me, to begin with he used dual blaster pistols, which is awesome. He has cooler armour, which he actually keeps in good condition. He was brought up within Mandalorian society. He has far better action scenes, where he can clearly hold his own against some of the best Jedi, and even when he does finally meet his end, it’s in a far more epic way than just falling into a pit. 

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Geek Obsession #1 – Jawas!

Welcome to the first post on this topic – Geek Obsessions. Of course as geeks we are all fanatics and enthusiasts of certain fandoms, products and trademarks. But some of them have bonds more personal than others. So today I will be speaking about my obsession which is well-known and has been a part of me since I was just a bit older than a toddler.

Bienvenidos al primer post de esta serie de publicaciones que comenzamos en el blog – Geek Obsessions. Como geeks que somos, todos tenemos nuestros fanatismos, colecciones y atracciones hacia determinadas franquicias dentro de esta industria, aunque evidentemente algunas de estas conexiones trascienden el afán de coleccionar, y se convierten en algo mucho más personal. Así que hoy os hablare de este afán que siempre he tenido desde que era bien pequeña y que todo el mundo conoce porque lo voy proclamando a los 7 vientos.


Yes, out of all the things, characters and icons that have come out of Star Wars, Jawas are my thing. It all begun when as a little kid I’d wrap myself in my hooded towel after bath time and say something like “look mummy I am a cuchini dwarf!!”. Bless my cotton socks. Appreciate that back then the concept of knowing what Jawas were was perhaps a bit out of my depth. Nonetheless, I clearly understood these cool things were of dwarven like creatures, at least in stature, who yelled something that to me sounded like cuchini – which does bear some resemblance to UTINI!

Pues sí, de todas las cosas que pueden salir del universo de Star Wars, İlos Jawas son mi rollo! Todo comenzó años atrás cuando siendo una cría peque solía salir de mi baño con mi toalla con capucha y le decía a mi mama cosas como “İMira mami soy un enanito cuchini!” – verificado por mis padres, prometido. Tendréis que perdonad mi inocencia y desconocimiento de la materia por aquel entonces, pero evidentemente había lógica en mis palabras. Esta clara que era consciente de que estas criaturas de ojos como bombillas eran de estatura parecida a los enanos de las historias de fantasía, y que gritaban lo que por aquel entonces yo entendía como “cuchini” – el mejor conocido grito UTINI. Pero vamos, tampoco se alejaba mucho la cosa.

And from there it all just gradually came together. I currently own a Jawa plush, a Jawa hoodie, and several t-shirts. Y de ahí derivo la cuestión: actualmente soy la orgullosa propietaria de un Jawa de peluche que hace ruiditos Jawa, varias camisetas y una sudadera muy chula todo Jawa.

Combination of hoodie and t-shirts.Combinando sudadera y camisetas.

Little Jawa

At the recent MCM Comic-Con I found myself surrounded by these two…Para rematar la jugada, el año pasado en la MCM Comic-Con de Londres me encontré con estos individuos y la foto no pudo faltar…

Jawa Me

Before I go, I must add that my last Star Wars RPG character was, indeed, a Jawa. I made her/him (character sex was never really determined) an engineer that will spend the whole game exchanging dice for other goods: food, weapons, you name it. Instead of scrap metal, dice, as it is what I had handy! And of course, I spent the entire time making weird noises while pointing at the other player, much to the perplexity and amusement of my friends…:D Para rematar la jugada, he de decir que uno de mis últimos personajes de Star Wars – el juego de rol – era un Jawa ingeniero que se dedicaba a cambiar dados por cosas: armas, comida, lo que fuese, al no tener latón y otros residuos metalúrgicos, lo hacía pasar por ello. Ah! Y por supuesto me pasaba la mitad del juego haciendo ruiditos incomprensibles mientras apuntaba a los otros jugadores…:D

Therefore, if you are also Star Wars geeks/fans and you have a geek obsession to share, we would love to hear all about it! (And maybe one day if you’re good Alex will tell you about his with Boba Fett 🙂 ).

Si vosotros también sois geeks o frikis de Star Wars y tenéis una obsession geek que compartir, nos encantara oírlo (la de Alex es sobre Boba Fett, igual un día si sois buenos os la cuentaJ).

See you soon!

Hasta la próxima.