The Elder Scrolls VI – Hopes and Predictions

At E3 this year Bethesda finally announced that they are working on the next game in the Elder Scrolls series. This isn’t exactly any shocking news, as its obvious that we would be getting it sooner or later, and based on the fact that all they revealed was a glimpse at the title and a background, I’d say we are getting it later, after 2020 for sure, and perhaps even as late as 2022.


So what do we think the new game might involve? Well before the small amount of information was even revealed, I had my own assumptions about what a new Elder Scrolls game might entail. Considering the fact that Skyrim increased the mass appeal of the series by several orders of magnitude, I would expect that they would continue down the same trend that we can see the games moving in since Morrowind and through Oblivion to Skyrim. This would be basically in making a more streamlined open world sandbox game experience, while cutting back the detail in the RPG elements. As unfortunate as it is, I still think this may happen. I believe this approach would also limit the locations where this game could be set. I would generally omit the Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim regions from the possibility of being in the game, and with a focus on mass appeal I would assume that the more exotic and strange provinces such as Elsweyr, Black Marsh and Valenwood would be overlooked. This leaves us with The Summerset Isles, High Rock, and Hammerfell.

The game would probably continue in the timeline left off in Skyrim rather than being some sort of prequel, as this is covered by The Elder Scrolls: Online, and there aren’t really any interesting gaps to fill. Also, I would assume that they want to continue with the overarching story of the war between the diminished Empire and the Thalmor’s Aldmeri Dominion. For this reason I would then also say that Summerset Isles, the home of the High Elves and the Dominion, would probably not be the best place to set the game, at least not solely. Continue reading “The Elder Scrolls VI – Hopes and Predictions”


Modding Skyrim in 2017

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been around for almost 6 years at this point, which in terms of videogames, is relatively old. Despite this there are still tons of mods for the game being constantly made and released on the Nexus and Steam Workshop. There are over 53,000 mods for Skyrim on the Nexus, and there are probably even more from other sources and different mods you can find for the Special Edition of the game (although less overall). So if you’re new to mods, or haven’t modded Skyrim for a few years, how are you supposed to find the good ones with so many out there? Well I’ll do my best here to give you a rundown of some of the best new mods as of 2017.

Instead of going through every small mod that adds a new object to the game or a tiny tweak to the gameplay systems, here I’m going to focus on the mods that I think add a lot to the game. There are a fair few of these now, which is probably thanks to the fact that modders have gotten so familiar and proficient at modding the game we are seeing far more substantial mods than before, when they were much rarer in the past.


There have been a lot of ‘overhauls’ for Skyrim over the years. These are mods that significantly change and rework the gameplay systems. Most of these involve changing the perk trees or spell lists in some way. Some of the older ones to check out include Skyrim Redone, and Perkus Maximus which mainly change the perk trees and add more interesting and specific perks. Duel – Combat Realism makes combat a lot tougher with more varied and clever enemy behaviour. and Midas Magic Evolved which adds a lot of new spells.


As for newer mods, there have been some fairly interesting ones. First there is Path of Sorcery – Magic Perk Overhaul which as you can imagine, makes changes to the magic perks of the game. Instead of with something like Midas Magic and other spell mods, this one doesn’t just dump a ton of spells into the game, but works on the core principles of the vanilla magic system, but expands on it greatly, allowing you to specialize more, or simply become more powerful and varied in your magical abilities. Continue reading “Modding Skyrim in 2017”

The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol.11

For those of you unaware, our good elf has now been settled in Skyrim for quite some time, and she has certainly got involved with the most interesting people. A recent development in her path came through unexpected means – who would have guess the run down guild of petty thieves would hold such surprises after all?

Para aquellos de vosotros que no estuvieseis puestos al día, nuestra elfa ya lleva un tiempo asentada en Skyrim, y se anda mezclando con gente de carácter peculiar. Una de sus nuevas etapas en su carrera como aventurera llego de forma completamente inesperada. Nunca se hubiese imaginado que el gremio de ladrones que llevaba tocando fondo durante tanto tiempo iba a resultar un negocio tan lleno de sospresas.


Mercer Frey was finally recognised as a traitor and the guild was asking for blood on the wall. Their funds had been wiped. Their supposed leader set them up and left them for good, only to be saved by the most scorned member of this league. Yet, there she was, Karliah, trying to do the right thing, and Luthien was determined to help.

El gremio por fin reconoció a Mercer Frey como traidor y andaban pidiendo so cabeza sobre bandeja de plata. Su supuesto líder se había llevado todo el dinero que habían acumulado en los últimos tiempos y les había dejado por muertos. Si no fuese por la persona que más despreciaban dentro de sus retorcidos círculos, todo se hubiese ido a pique. No obstante, Karliah, con la ayuda de Luthien, decidió corregir el problema del que ya era consciente desde hacía años. Continue reading “The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol.11”

Elder Scrolls RPG – Juego de Rol No Oficial

Hoy os traemos la traducción de una de nuestras entradas de blog más populares de 2016 y que trata sobre juegos de rol. Alex comenta su descubrimiento del juego no oficial sobre Elder Scrolls.


Por desgracia no existe (por el momento) ningún juego oficial o producido de forma profesional sobre la saga de Bethesda, Elder Scrolls. Sin embargo, los fans se han puesto las pilas, y hay bastante variedad de adaptaciones de las cuales elegir, aunque hay que tener en cuenta que la mayoría de ellas son conversiones directas de lo que es el universo de los Elder Scrolls usando otros sistemas o reglamentos que ya conocemos. Por ejemplo, hay una versión muy popular que está basada D&D – lo cual tiene su lógica, ay que fue el producto de Wizards of the Coast lo que inspiro los primeros juegos de la saga. Otro que viene muy bien recomendado está basado en el sistema d100 de Warhammer Fantasy, que es el que ha servido como plantilla para crear el más completo e interesante de estos juegos, simplemente conocido como ‘The Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG’ o UESRPG. Digamos que este es la segunda edición del juego basado en el sistema de Warhammer, pero mucho más detallado y pulido.

Untitled3.png Continue reading “Elder Scrolls RPG – Juego de Rol No Oficial”

The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol. 10.

“I have returned to the island for a while. Now that Miraak is gone, this place feels kinda nice. I feel like I can take time exploring it and learning something new. The people from Solstenheim are so different to the communities within Skyrim. In a way, sometimes, I feel relief being here, in such a detached part of the world; my world”.

“He regresado a la isla por un tiempo, ahora que ya no tengo que preocuparme de Miraak, puedo apreciar la belleza de este sitio con mayor claridad, y creo que podré dedicarme a explorar y aprender algo nuevo entre tanto. La gente de Solstelheim son completamente distintas a las otras culturas que cohabitan Skyrim. Y de cierto modo, hay veces que aquí me encuentro despreocupada. El aislamiento hace por su parte, perpetuando el sentimiento de separación para con resto del mundo; mi mundo”.


“This material they use, Stalhrim, it intrigues me. I hope I get to master its use just like I have done with the common resources I found elsewhere. It is beautiful, and I really like its glow, like a gem”.

“Este material autóctono que usan los habitantes de la isla me intriga. Lo llaman Stalhrim, y me gustaría llegar a manejarlo y saber usarlo con la misma maestría que el resto de recursos naturales que he encontrado en la región. Me fascina el cómo brilla, como un diamante. Es realmente hermoso”.

“The entire northern area of this island is actually mesmerising. And more similar to mainland Skyrim than the Dumner would ever like to admit. The snow falls here with such a grace. And the sea roars…it is a song of hope and mystery”.

“La verdad es que la zona norte de la isla entera es deslumbrante, y más parecida al Skyrim continental de lo que les gustaría admitir a los Dunmer. Aquí, la nieve cae con gracia y majestuosidad, y el mar ruje tiernamente…Como una canción de esperanza y misterio”.

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“But you all know the main problem with this land…”. “No obstante, ya sabéis el principal problema que hay con este lugar…”.


“These Black Books bring me knowledge dangerously, but like I established long time ago, in this land everything comes at a high price. Plus, it has some interesting perks…”. “Sin embargo, estos Libros Negros me proporcionan con conocimientos imposibles, y aunque siempre conlleva un riesgo el adentrarse en su mundo, como recordareis de otro diario, ya me he resignado a la idea de que en esta isla todo viene con un alto precio que pagar. Aunque hay que reconocer que tiene sus ventajas…”.


“I kept roaming after my dealings with the Dremora merchant from a different dimension that thanks to ancient wisdom I managed to summon. It is said that the treasure of Deathbrand is hiding somewhere in here, so I chase after it – mostly out of curiosity, but particularly because I found these boots that allow you to walk across water”.

“Después de haber comerciado con el mercader Dremora que conseguí conjurar gracias a la magia del Libro Negro, me dediqué a vagar sin rumbo fijo. Se rumorea que hay un tesoro escondido en estos lares: el tesoro de Deathbrand lo llaman. Por tanto, me pongo a buscarlo, por curiosidad más que nada, pero sobre todo porque he encontrado estas botas que te permiten caminar sobre la superficie del agua…”.


“Nevertheless, what I found was something completely different…Lord of Horkers? Like if they are some sort of organised group or something? I always got a funny feeling about them but…This blew my mind. In any case, we left horkers for meat a long time ago…”.

“Sin embargo, lo que encontré fue algo bastante distinto… ¡¿El señor de las Morsas?! ¿Como si fuesen un tipo de organización o algo por el estilo? Quiero decir, siempre me ha parecido que había algo que no me encajaba con estas criaturas, pero esto sí que no me lo esperaba. Pero, en cualquier caso, ya deje de usar hace mucho tiempo a las morsas como fuente de alimentación, así que…”.


“I honestly thought there would be more to it than just a few horkers…Guess I was wrong”. “De verdad pensé que me esperaba algo más que un par de morsas, tal vez una horda o algo más impresionante…Pero al parecer me equivocaba…”.



“I looked around the sinking boat and the horker nest for a while. But nothing much came out of it. So I decided it was time to leave Solstenheim for a while. But not without coming home with a souvenir”.

“Estuve observando el barco hundido y el lugar donde había encontrado a las morsas durante un tiempo por si se me hubiese escapado algo, pero nada más salió de aquel asunto. Así que decidí alejarme de Solstemheim por un tiempo, aunque no sin asegurarme de traerme un recuerdo…”.


“I owe much to the Skaal. This is the way I shall honour them”. “Le debo demasiado a los Skaal. Esta es mi forma de rendirles homenaje por su ayuda y sacrificio”.


The Black Sword

There is the subtle but fascinating fantasy motif I have been dwelling on for quite some time, I recently decided to put my thoughts together on the subject. As you know I am big fantasy fan. It was recently when I was re-reading the Silmarillion and playing Skyrim that I realised there was such a concept as the idea of “the Black Sword”, and that got me thinking where I could find that reference and what it meant. So that is what today’s post will be about.

It all begun with the realisation that my swords in Skyrim had a predilection to be Ebony or Daedric – and not just because they are stronger, but because they look “cool”. The black edge, the lack of shiny steel, it makes the blade look otherworldly. And as it happens, these swords I made would 99.9% of the time be enchanted in such a way that they either increase my stamina/health, or absorb my opponents power/health/soul, whatever you want to call it. I know many of you may think this seems logical – but there are many swords and materials in Skyrim and other RPGs/Action videogames, and certainly more spells than just those. Perhaps it is just a visual aesthetic thing. I noticed this was also my preference when playing Soul Calibur. I never liked Soul Calibur, it looked too neat. But Soul Edge was, once again, cool; it had a presence.

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The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol.9

“It took some time to get used to the new me. And I don’t mean just the face…”.“Me llevo un tiempo acostumbrarme a la nueva yo. Y no me refiero solo a la cara…”.


“Things felt different. I did. I started spending more time on my own, even in my own new house that I had designed for the purpose of having a peaceful live with my family. I must admit, this new solace that I found in the bottom of my soul kept me quiet for some time…But one clear morning, I guess I just realised that either way, I was just the same Luthien. Just with more baggage”.

“Todo parecía distinto. Yo me resultaba distinta. Empecé a pasar más tiempo sola, incluso en la nueva casa que había construido para vivir en paz con mi familia. Debo admitir que este nuevo consuelo que encontré en el fondo de mi ser me mantuvo callada durante un tiempo…Pero una buna mañana en la que el cielo estaba despejado, creo que simplemente me di cuenta de que seguía siendo la misma Luthien…Y con más problemas”.  

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