Mythic Iceland Campaign: A.D 997 – Western Fjords – ‘Arnarfjörður’

Today I am sharing the following campaign concept for Mythic Iceland – the Chaosium Ink game, based on Basic RPG, using a d100 system. I have been Dming Mythic Iceland since 2013. As a Viking Age scholar, I am quite particular on how my games go: everything is about keeping it real, but with a otherworldly touch to it. If it is not worthy of the sagas or the Eddas if you want to go super epic, then it is not welcomed in my game. So I created this campaign scenario in the Western Fjords – the hardest place to live in due to the topography and resources available. The time frame is set in this particular place to see how the players would experience living in the deepest most pagan part of Iceland while Christianity is taking over. The country goes through several changes in the way the society behaves and how this affects the ordinary man, so I thought both from a historian and a DM point of view, seeing this struggle come to life would be quite interesting. So here are the materials:


Arnarfjörður is one of the large fjords in Western Iceland. It is an area enclosed by mountains, where birch woods used to be abundant. However, for several decades now the woods run thinner and trees are becoming scarce. The land goes further into the sea and diverts in two further fjords forming a fork. The northern one features the waterfall Thunderer (Dynjandi), and the community of Seilerdal, a settlement where Christianity is flourishing. The entire land is well-known as an area where hidden folk (elves) are more often seen than elsewhere in the country. In fact, the Western Fjords – and Arnarfjörður specifically – are lands were magic and pagan folk have deep roots.

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