Making a Metal Gear Solid RPG

Time for another post about RPGs! This one is gonna be about the time I had a crack at making my own one a few years ago. Strictly speaking, I didn’t really make anything original myself as all I did was adapt an existing game system (Basic Roleplaying) to accommodate for the theme of a Metal Gear Solid setting, one of my favourite game series. However, I thought it would be cool to share a couple of the things I worked on in this unfinished attempt from a while back.


First of all we’ll take a look at the system and other resources I used as a basis for the game. As I said, I had decided to use the Basic Roleplaying system. At the time this was probably mostly because I had been playing in and excellent Mythic Iceland game run by Lilly. A major influence from Mythic Iceland can be seen in the character sheet I made in the hit location figure in the top right to track HP and armour to different parts of the body, something I though that made sense for a game that was mostly meant to be based on realistic modern combat. Other than that, I really just liked the system for its simplicity in the skills, and although the combat rules in terms of firearms were a little lacking for me, I was planning on mostly replacing the combat, or maybe just scrapping it and relying on the skills list altogether and keep things fairly simple. I never got round to refining the combat though. Continue reading “Making a Metal Gear Solid RPG”