Be Responsible with Your Cardboard Crack – A Farewell to My MTG and Netrunner cards

I am not bringing you something exotic today, but rather sharing my experience of how I have come to terms that I am for good – or at least until the game changes and Wizards rethinks its strategy…so probably eternities from now – getting rid of my Magic: The Gathering collection. Sad as it is, the truth is I am not really invested in the hobby any more: I have pretty much ignored the last 2 sets of the game, and even before that, I was mostly making decks that I wanted to play with and nothing to do with whether they’d be tournament legal or not. Plus, after a while cards take a fair amount of space, so I needed to clear some of this. In addition, the sudden turn of events for Netrunner earlier on this year has also meant I am saying bye-bye to most o my cardboard crack.

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What Is The Best Trading Card Game (Ever) ?

Being a geek implies many things. You still like cartoons even though you pay taxes, video games are a qualified form of art, and lords have mercy if you try and discuss your hobbies at the water cooler. You’re also required by law to think Star Wars is cool or they come and take your badge away.

Being a geek from the 80’s or 90’s also has one more commandment. When you were growing up you played trading card games! These things were everywhere, you couldn’t visit the supermarket without being awed by the colourful shiny wrappers for things your parents KNEW were a waste of money but you couldn’t be talked out of it. My younger days, like so many, were surrounded in the most addictive drug sold to children… cardboard.
But man did we love it. I played anything I could get my hands on and (tried) to be a collector. Of course having no disposable income at the time did make that a damn sight harder.

Why did I get so hooked? Well a part of me blames that on my fascination with toys and board games. Another part of me thinks back to that first pack of cards I ever opened, and just so happened to pull out a Shiny Charizard card. Which I still have to this day packed away somewhere.

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MTG Deck – NoMercy Concept- Mazo de Magic

I come to revisit one of my most used Magic:The Gathering decks, and that has stayed as it is for quite some time. It is a reliable deck, although not as fast as my red/blue. This is a white/black dual colour that originates from Orzhov guild concept, but that has transmuted into something of its own kind. I does not rely on extorting, although it promotes life gaining, with some bulky medium size creatures, most of which have flying, lifelink or both.

Hoy voy a revisitar uno de mis mazos más populares de estos tiempos, y que apenas ha cambiado desde su formato original. Es un mazo bastante estable, aunque no es tan rápido como mi rojo/azul. Este es un combo blanco/negro que usó como guía el concepto de las cartas del gremio Orzhov, pero para convertirse en un producto distinto. Por ejemplo, no use la técnica de extorsión, aunque se centra en ganar vida, y en convocar criaturas de tamaño medio con potencia, normalmente con mejoras tipo vinculo vital, vuelo, y en ocasiones ambas dos.

I originally created in an attempt to recreate my mono white deck which we have discussed in our previous post – Cuando empecé a trabajar en este mazo, realmente quería intentar replicar mi primera bajara blanca mono color, de la cual ya hemos hablado por aquí en otro momento:

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MTG Nostalgia: My Very First Deck & My Dad’s Badass Collection

MTG today guys! So far you have heard me moaning about certain things ingrained in the game due to Wizards of the Coast being an evil corporate. However, I have been playing the game for donkeys years, and me having a personal/moral issue with the producer doesn’t necessarily mean all I have to say about the subject is negative. I started playing Magic with my dad when I was in school – it was before my Warhammer days so I couldn’t have been much older than 9 or so. I believe it was also around the time that Pokemon the Trading Card Game came out and became really popular, so one thing kinda escalated to the other. My dad had a lot of Alpha/Beta onward cards and I seem to recall this was triggered by some sort of starter pack being released either with a magazine, newspaper, something like that. We bought the stuff and I was taught to play. Then when I got the grasps of the game we made my very own first deck – great father and daughter bonding exercise, don’t skip this part of your parenting skills!

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Dragonstorm: My Top Choice MTG Deck – Mazo Predilecto de MTG

Today I am just going to tell you about one of my current decks, probably my favourite in fact. This deck has evolved from its original build back in 2012, but the concept remains the same. After so many years of playing, like most players I have become a creature of habit, likes and dislikes. Turns out, who would guess, that red seems to be my predilection. I like playing red in any combo, and it has been pointed out that most my decks are red-something-or-another.

Hoy os hablo de uno de mis mazos actuales de Magic que más me gusta. Le llevo usando desde 2012, con modificaciones a medida que voy encontrando otras cartas que me gustan o me vienen mejor para la dinámica del mazo, ya que después de llevar jugando bastante tiempo uno se acaba convirtiendo en animal de costumbres, gustos y disgustos. Parece ser que mi predilección en Magic es jugar con rojo en combinaciones multiples – İsorpresa…!

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Geek Economy – Building a Magic: The Gathering Collection

Last time you heard me out talking about how Games Workshop took a lot of money for not a large quantity of products. Today we will go through a different experience which is equally crippling for your wallet if you try to take the hobby seriously. Trading card games are becoming more and more popular as the years go: Pokemon, YuGiOh, even Legend of the Five Rings if you will. They remind me a bit of the sticker collections I used to have when I was younger, when every Sunday my parents would allow me to buy a new pack to see if I could complete the collection. However these collections had a limited amount of stickers you required, and the stickers that other people would be missing would not always be the same than yours. In essence, it was an ordeal that had a limit. Trading card games of the scales we are talking about end only when you want them to. Continue reading “Geek Economy – Building a Magic: The Gathering Collection”