Mas Juegos Para Lilly: Nuevas Adquisiciones

Hola gente! Hemos estado de vacaciones pero ya estamos de vuelta con mas posts. Hoy vengo a poneros al día con juegos nuevos que he adquirido gracias a mi cumple que fue hace un par de semanas. Así que os traigo un comentario rápido sobre estos jueguillos y lo que me han parecido.

El primero que se sumo a mi lista fue Tsuro: ya se que llega muy, muy tarde a la colección pero, la cosa es que en el Reino Unido, conseguir una copia nueva de este juego no es siempre fácil, y el precio ha fluctuado demasiado como para lanzarse a por ello – creo que en los últimos 24 meses he visto copias desde £19.00 hasta £30.00…Y ya lo siento mucho, pero 30 pavos por Tsuro me parece una barbaridad, por mucho que me guste. No creo que el nivel de producción, diseño y estética de este juego merezca tanto dinero, particularmente teniendo en cuenta que lleva ya en el mercado mucho tiempo. Por tanto, y a pesar de haber jugado chiquicientas veces, pues ha tardado lo suyo en sumarse al conjunto. Ya lo he sacado del precinto, estrenado y todo, y sigo invicta, así que mi record continua 😀 Para aquellos que tengan dudas o estén buscando motivos para probar o comprar Tsuro, aquí os dejo los motivos por los que a mi me gusta: lo principal es que es super fácil de jugar, apenas tiene reglas, y tiene capacidad hasta 8 jugadores, pero funciona bien con el mínimo que son 2. Siempre y cuando tengas un mínimo de visión espacial y sepas seguir el lio de líneas que forman el camino de tu dragón, lo tienes hecho. La partida mas larga que he jugado no llega a los 30 minutos, por tanto esta bien para calentar motores en una mega timba o por si no tienes mucho tiempo libre.

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New Games for the Shelves and Quick Thoughts on Them

Hello everyone! We have been away on holiday but we are back with more. Hope the wait hasn’t been too terrible. Today, I’ll give you a quick talk of some new board games I have acquired recently as it was my birthday and you know, geek crack prevails 😀

One of the games I was bought was Tsuro. I have played the game around a trillion times, but I simply did not own a copy – and actually in case you didn’t know, the price of Tsuro has fluctuated so much lately that attempting to get a new copy of the game was sometimes unthinkable. I think in the last year or so I’ve seen copies go (unopened) from anything between £18.00 which is reasonable, to £30.00 – not so much….You know, I love the game and it is great fun, but considering it’s age and the fact that, well, it is not like a very high-end production – it is essentially a board and some tokens, 30 quid seemed a little bit too much. Nonetheless, it is now on my self and I am very happy about this. One of the reasons why I love his game is because it is dead easy: tile per turn, move your dragon through the path, try to stay in the board, done. It also caters for up to 8 players, but it is equally fun with two and it doesn’t take long, so it is overall a nice little game to have – Happy Lilly is Happy with the spaghetti twists of doom and wisdom. Also, this far, I remain victorious 😉

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Card Games Outdoors: BBQ, Beach and Picnic Edition

Today we bring you one of our most popular updates in Spanish. Due to its success we have decided to translate it to English so it can be enjoyed in both languages. The update is about games you can play in the outside. With the nice weather we are enjoying (at least in some parts of the UK), it is likely many of you would like to spend some time in the sunshine. And if you are like us, you may not want to miss the opportunity of having fun, whether you are at the beach, camping or having a BBQ. There has been plenty of times when in those situations the wishful thinking arises “What a Shame not having a Deck of Cards…!” – at least in Spain it is quite popular to bring around a normal deck of cards to play a couple of traditional card games. Nowadays you can even have really cool, customised decks, from all sorts of merchandise and fandoms. But we understand that not everyone may want to sit down and play some poker, so here we bring a solution. This is a selection of card games that have saved the day in more than one occasion under these circumstances:

UNO…? I mean, who hasn’t played UNO in their lifetime? UNO is a very popular game, for all kinds of audience thanks to its great pace and simplicity. However, some people feel it is not a very dynamic game, or that it is missing “that spark”. Any one of my friends would say, that is because you have not played the improved version of the game: UNO BOOM-O. An all-time favourite in my home, UNO BOOM-O uses the same dynamic from its predecessor but adds something to it. Each player has a number of bomb cards, which are their lives. There is a countdown being played with the numeric cards from 0 to 60, which can go up or down depending on what you play and your strategy – you also have usual UNO cards such as exchange hands, skip turn, etc…The deal is that if you exceed 60, you explode. The great thing about this game is that it also caters for many players, and it is fun to play regardless of the number. It only has one inconvenience: it is out of print, and it is difficult to find from online buyers/sellers. However, there is an easy and convenient solution to the problem: print and play. Simple and economic.

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Juegos de Cartas: de Campo y Playa

İHola gentecilla! Os prometí que volvería con más juegos, y aquí estoy. Con este tiempo tan caluroso que tenemos incluso en el Reino Unido, hay ganas de frikear, pero también hay ganas de salir al sol. Muchos de vosotros estaréis de camino a la playa, o tal vez de picnic a la sombra, o de barbacoa. Y si sois como yo, en algún momento diréis, “Jo, vaya pena no haber traído unas cartas”. Normalmente, la gente se suele llevar una baraja española, lo cual siempre está bien (además con la pila de costumizaciones que hay hoy en día, no tienes por qué tener una baraja aburrida de las de toda la vida, puede ser súper geeky con cosas de comics, artistas de fantasía y ciencia ficción, series populares de televisión…). Pero, seamos realistas, no todo el mundo quiere echar una partida de brisca…Y nosotros tenemos la solución. Por tanto, aquí os dejamos una selección de juegos de cartas, rapiditos de jugar, fácilmente transportables, y que nos han salvado la fiesta al aire libre en varias ocasiones:

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Today we talk about a game no-one wants to play with me anymore: Jungle Speed!. I love it! I’ve owned for years and after a few games I don’t get to play it very often because apparently I always win…¬¬…Also, because people feel self-conscious of their lack of reflexes, eye hand coordination and incapability to distinguish shapes 🙂 X’D

In any case, that is exactly what Jungle Speed! is about, so if you are no good with your agile reactions, can’t differentiate a circle from a hexagon, and are incapable of remembering a couple of very basic rules then this is not the game for you – Yes, I am being facetious, sarcastic and scornful, it is time to redeem myself!! But if you are willing to give it a go, or you just want to watch your friends fail miserably, this is something you should try. Jungle Speed! is very much a casual game: perfect for parties, warm up gaming sessions, a quick game, etc. The great thing about it is that you can pretty much play with any number of people and it does not last long. The longest game I have personally played lasted 20 minutes, and it was a 1v1 with the entire deck plus the expansion pack. This is also a suitable game to play with kids, or for kids, and it can even be didactic. You can use it for improving reflexes and coordination, learning shapes, colour and definition sharpness – honest, it helps.

Card Set
Card Set

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