Kubo and the Two Strings & Why I Shed Tears

I literally just came out of watching this movie so this is one of our freshest post ever. I have been rather selective with the commentaries I’ve made for you guys about movies that I have seen this year, and to be honest there haven’t many. I haven’t even been all that thrilled that I was writing about them. But today I am. I’ve gone a few times to the cinema this year, but it has been a while since I’ve seen an animated movie in the big screen which made me feel like this. Of course, I went to see Inside Out and I really enjoyed it and thought it was great. (I cried too, but less, and for different reasons). (Yeah, I get sentimental with these things, alright? Little Vikings cry too!). Anyway, this is probably more review like than any of my previous posts- but still, as little spoilers as possible:

-One of the first things you think when you watch Kubo – and this happens from the first minute of the film – is “Wow, this is truly beautiful”. And I mean that in the same way that when I sit in front of some of my favourite paintings I mean Beautiful: with mastery, care, precision, intent, feeling. Kubo is NOT just amazing technology designed to make things pretty – not what we re talking about. This IS Art. Following its Asian ambiance, storyline and plot devices, the artwork is in that sense just as Oriental. You know what I mean: these wonderfully beautiful Kung Fu movies or Chinese historical dramas, where the choreographies are just like seeing the most wonderful ballets, they colours are so sympathetic, and everything is just tasteful, effortless. Kubo is that, but with the most unlike stop motion – but still stop motion tech I’ve seen to date. Things look hand crafted, real, with true texture. It is a formidable visual experience. And musical too! The soundtrack is really good: they manage to mix tunes from the Far East with elements of Western orchestra. The mood is perfectly created with this hybrid of visual-musical Westernised Asian creation, or perhaps vice versa, I am still not 100% how to describe it. Just go watch it. Hear it!

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