Intro to larping: Strength to The Empire!


STRENGTH TO THE EMPIRE! STRENGTH TO THE NAVARR! I heard roar from my fellow players thrice, by the third time Podine was crying it out as loud as anyone. I had been roleplaying for 20 minutes by this point as I listened at the meeting my fellow Navarr countrymen and women held, speaking of many thing that brought pain in the last season.  3,000 civilians of our nation who had died from an invasion, to the tale of the Voice of our nation sacrificing himself to kill the heart of a new and terrifying threat. But under it all a stolid faith in the empire and each other. Continue reading “Intro to larping: Strength to The Empire!”

Fortunas Games– Master of dice and Sadomasochist

Master of dice

After years of gaming you are able to fire off the probability of success when simultaneously throwing 5 dice, all of different sides, in the middle of a shouting match
about which of the 15 different plans is going to deliver the fewest losses in a situation that has almost no chance of success. You take on complex politics and fleet actions of millions of men and women and make house of cards look like its full of the most ethical people to ever grace politics.

Though you’ve probably got your preferred games by now and some of the most fun games can be on the simplest systems.


Make your own system

If every time you find a problem you think, “I could do better than this!” then do it! Grab a notepad and start brainstorming ideas, one of my favorite games at my university society was a system inspired by the one piece anime and then it was handed around from GM to GM each polishing the core mechanics and creating optional rules for mecha or ship battles, special attack and weapons.

Pick your dice, the style and get some friends to play-test and don’t be afraid to throw in new rules and take criticism. And most of all, have fun. Continue reading “Fortunas Games– Master of dice and Sadomasochist”

Fortunas Games, Picking Your Roleplay Game – Part two – the journeyman

So you’ve played a few campaigns, wept over your first dead character, or laughed maniacally when you kill your first, but comforted yourself that she/he died for something greater than themselves, brought an unjustifiable amount of dice and now you want to try some new things.

It’s at this point that your choice will have to start being based upon your personal preference. It’s the age old battle, narrative or mechanics, how many rules are you willing to bend or even completely break for the narrative and how many are you going to allow your players to break, if you are willing to break these without much thought then maybe a more narrative system such as Fate would be for you, however if you prefer a strong set of mechanics and a sound mathematical probability basis then possibly GURPS or the old classic BattleTech.

I really recommend Corporation, its basically practice for when Trump gets into office.

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Fortunas Games, Picking Your Roleplay Game – Part One – The Apprentice

So you and your friends have decided to try out pen and paper roleplaying games, You have the essentials, Pringles, pizza, enough sweets to make a make your dentist weep, funny looking dice and now all that is left is the small detail of what game system you’re going to play.

Picking your first roleplay game can be a daunting prospect on both sides of the table because even a cursory glance on the internet will show hundreds of roleplay systems all proclaiming to have a robust system perfect for your RP needs and this problem persists for much of your time within this gaming world of ours. Finding games for different genera, levels of flexibility and narrative over mechanics. In time and experience of different systems you’ll find the system that suits you for either running games or playing in them, I’m just here to give my recommendation for the different stages of your gaming life.


First time – Apprentice gamer

Like many firsts this is likely to be awkward not really knowing what you’re doing and asking if it’s good, but like them other firsts it’s good to push through. If you are a player then hopefully you’ll have an experienced Game Master (GM) and if you are the GM then hopefully you’ll have some experienced players who will help you along a little bit. It is however possible, as it was for me, to be completely new to RP and running a game with new players so here is my first recommendation.

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