Manaburnt Podcast – Colossus: Harbinger

Today we have another special interview podcast episode! This one is with James Campbell-Prager, who is here to tell us all about his upcoming 5th Edition D&D module called Colossus: Harbinger
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Coping With COVID19 With Love Nikki

So, no surprises here, the quarantine means that I have a lot of time in my hands. We have done several recordings for the podcast (yay), but I’ve also played a lot of video games. The Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Community has been very active through this entire ordeal and there have been many exciting challenges to do so I have been making lots of designs, and I’ve had to make space in my account so, I am posting up some pics from challenges I’ve completed – old and new.

A few of these come from the “Tag Challenge”, which involved doing a design with a tag that categorises clothing into a particular theme. Also, because I’m not just a basic designer (duh), I added little descriptions/titles/stories/concepts to the images to understand what was it that I was trying to create. So, here we go.

This one was from the “Chinese Classical” Tag. I called it Moonlight Serenade. It reminded me a bit of that melancholy moment in Wuxia films by the lake with a flute.

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Manaburnt Podcast – Episode 14: Cosplay and Reenactment

Here’s another podcast already! In this one We are Joined By Holly and Ben; the expert cosplayers, and James; the Roman reenactor to get in depth on their hobbies and some of the similarities and differences between them!
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