The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol.11

For those of you unaware, our good elf has now been settled in Skyrim for quite some time, and she has certainly got involved with the most interesting people. A recent development in her path came through unexpected means – who would have guess the run down guild of petty thieves would hold such surprises after all?

Para aquellos de vosotros que no estuvieseis puestos al día, nuestra elfa ya lleva un tiempo asentada en Skyrim, y se anda mezclando con gente de carácter peculiar. Una de sus nuevas etapas en su carrera como aventurera llego de forma completamente inesperada. Nunca se hubiese imaginado que el gremio de ladrones que llevaba tocando fondo durante tanto tiempo iba a resultar un negocio tan lleno de sospresas.


Mercer Frey was finally recognised as a traitor and the guild was asking for blood on the wall. Their funds had been wiped. Their supposed leader set them up and left them for good, only to be saved by the most scorned member of this league. Yet, there she was, Karliah, trying to do the right thing, and Luthien was determined to help.

El gremio por fin reconoció a Mercer Frey como traidor y andaban pidiendo so cabeza sobre bandeja de plata. Su supuesto líder se había llevado todo el dinero que habían acumulado en los últimos tiempos y les había dejado por muertos. Si no fuese por la persona que más despreciaban dentro de sus retorcidos círculos, todo se hubiese ido a pique. No obstante, Karliah, con la ayuda de Luthien, decidió corregir el problema del que ya era consciente desde hacía años. Continue reading “The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim Vol.11”

Interview with Burning Games: Creators of FAITH RPG

So today we bring you a lovely chat we had with the guys at Burning Games! You all know them, don’t you? I mean you probably have been eyes-wide open looking out for their new Kickstarter: the Faith RPG core book!! In case you didn’t know, and you are new to this, then let me give you a pointer…
In any case, the team at Burning Games took some time out of their super busy schedule to share some stuff with us so we could share it with you. So here it is. We hope you enjoy it, and we hope that you support them in their next amazing enterprise, because it’s gonna rock! 🙂
-This may sound like a bizarre question, but what was first, the egg or the chicken? And with that I mean FAITH or Ether Wars? We are all aware that obviously FAITH came out first. But during the creation process, while you guys were working things out, were there things that perhaps have actually become part of Ether Wars that you originally designed for FAITH or vice versa? We appreciate circumstances sometimes do not allow for projects to work at the speed one would like them to. Was Ether Wars in that case very much a spin-off FAITH, or was there some overlap/parallel creation, or even backwards creative process.
Actually the story in this one is a bit different. Ether Wars is published by us, but we are not the game designers. Such honor belongs to Álvaro and Javier, two friends who tried to fund Ether Wars on Kickstarter on 2015, but sadly didn’t make it. We met them at a local convention in Santander, Spain, and fell in love with the game. We thought it would be a great idea to try to bring it to crowdfunding again, and take advantage of everything we had learnt with our past experience. Thus, Ether Wars and Faith have nothing in common lore-wise.

We did entertain the idea of making the game canon, changing its lore to make it fit within the Faith universe, but we abandoned the proposition. There will be board games based on Faith, but they will be custom-made. Corball will likely be the first one.

-How does one jump from and RPG to a board game? For many of us perhaps the connection is obvious, and many board game players are also into RPGs, but it is not necessarily a natural connection. So what actually drove you to want to make first and rpg, then a board game? And did the experience of your first project help to create a clearer path for the later? Are there any specific issues you had with FAITH that you tried to avoid at all costs with Ether Wars?

When we first entertained the idea of creating a games company some years ago, it was crystal clear for us that we wanted to do all sorts of games: board games, roleplaying games, and even video games. FAITH happened to be the idea that was most developed and in which we saw the highest potential, and decided it would be our first project. That’s why Ether Wars was a very important Kickstarter campaign for us: if it were successful, it would bring us a step closer to being a real game publisher, and not just “the guys who did FAITH.”
The two Faith Kickstarters had a big impact on how we handled the Ether Wars campaign. We’ve learnt how to communicate with our backers, how to contact the press, and how to deal with manufacturers. And yet we did so many things that we’d like to improve! It’s an ongoing learning process, and one that we are immensely enjoying.
There’s one thing that we keep struggling with: currency exchange rates. Twice in a row we’ve been hit by drastic shifts in the currency markets, the latest one thanks to the Brexit. With a very delicate political situation everywhere, it seems that we’ll have to include these potential issues in our plans. You can’t be too careful!

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Dragonball after Toriyama | The Strangest Fan Phenomena in All of Anime

“For all the long running jokes and internet hoaxes, Dragonball AF may have decided the entire future of the franchise!”

A lot has changed as we approach the 20’s once again. We have Dragonball, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman…
Okay so very little seems to have changed. Popular culture has cherry picked its favourite media and chiselled it in stone to live alongside us to old age. But that’s not to say these beloved books, movies and shows haven’t had to adapt to serious changes. Many have lost their original creators or undergone overhauls to stay relevant in our fast-paced entertainment world. Many others are on the brink of such considerable change, even if it is approaching so quietly we don’t notice it.

One such show is the long-standing anime saga ‘Dragonball’. From humble comic book beginnings this action series have branched into multiple anime television ventures including original DB, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT- with its newest venture Dragonball Super being so jaw-droppingly popular it’s topped the anime listings across Japan. Even after a decade without new content the anticipation of Super was so great it’s sent Dragonball into a new golden age of popularity- enough that Son Goku has been announced the cultural mascot for Japans 2020 Olympic games!

But with the continued popularity explosion of Dragonball Super and all its related spin-offs we have to ask ourselves- what happens when Toriyama calls it quits?

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Men of War: a brilliant RTS despite its problems

I’ve been a huge fan of real-time strategy (RTS) games since Age of Empires. Unfortunately the RTS genre has been lacking anything decent or interesting for quite a while now, if you exclude Total War. There is however this fairly unknown series of games called Men of War, which I highly suggest you check out if you want an interesting and unique RTS to try… with some issues.


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Interview with James Masino – Artist for War.Co

Okay guys, so we already presented you the amazing Brandon Rollins and War.Co the game ( ) … Now it is only fair you meet the man behind the pen and all the rad art work. Pleased to meet you; James Masino!


-Thank you for speding some time talking with us James, we really appreciate it as we know you are super busy drawing away like a mad man. So if you wouldn’t mind, to start with, could you tell our readers about what drove you to drawing: why did you choose this path, and how have you pursued your education: courses, experiences, self teaching etc.

I think what’s interesting about this path, is that I didn’t initially choose it. I went to a technical college before going to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) for an accelerated degree in Animation and Concept Development. What I didn’t anticipate was that the “Concept Development” part meant being trained for digital artwork for the creation of concept art. Up to that point, I barely drew at all! Learning it can be summed up by practice, and tremendous failure at first. I even had a teacher sit me down once and tell me to focus on 3D Animation over the Concept Art just because I wasn’t having much success with it. Doing it over and over and over again is what got me to where I am now, and 90% of it was on my own time through self-teaching and practice outside of class.

-Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you have any artists that you admire and do they impact your work?

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Why So Much Grind?! – Progression Systems Instead of Good Game Design

In the last few years we’ve seen pretty much every game, especially the big budget multiplayer ones, released with some sort of progression system being a large part of it. In fact I’d probably say that many of them go even further and are more of a grind than a game. When this trend started out a while ago it was seen as a novel thing to insert ‘RPG elements’ into all sorts of other genres, but now the inclusion a basic levelling and XP system, along with continuous unlocks appears to be unavoidable.

In many cases this isn’t necessarily a bad feature to add to a game. With a levelling system that includes unlocking abilities and other new stuff in a single player game it can give you a good sense of accomplishment, and give you something to work towards along with the narrative. Unfortunately a large part of the problem is that there are some games that entirely rely upon a progression system that is nothing more than a crutch to support the game in the absence of any engaging gameplay or story. This sort of practice is usually paired with other elements of the gameplay that turn the whole experience into a grind such as missions or quests that result in nothing more than gaining XP or currency. In a good game the ways to accrue XP and money would involve other things to get you interested in the activity, such as in The Witcher 3 where every single little quest has its own story and details that tell you something new about the world. But in other games you end up doing side quests simply for the sake of the end reward, and you want to get the quest out of the way as quickly as possible, which is the case in literally every MMORPG and even some singleplayer games that use the same formula. My problem with this is that if the progression system is used as the sole incentive or reason for playing, then what are you grinding through meaningless quests for? You can keep levelling up and getting new gear as much as you like, but you still end up in the exact same position if there is a scaling difficulty of gameplay. Continue reading “Why So Much Grind?! – Progression Systems Instead of Good Game Design”