The Cartoon Museum, London

It is worth a visit if you’re around London and fancy something different. Just a shame it cannot be more of it 😞

W.U Hstry

On our research day Alex, Michael and I decided to do a quick stop in the Cartoon Museum of London, a little hideout regarding cartoons, comic strips and British comics. This small gallery is not very well-known to the public. It forms part of the London Museum Mile, and it is literally just around the corner from the British Museum. The tour around it barely takes 40 minutes, and there is a small entrance fee.

I must admit that the little historian and comic enthusiast inside me died a little to see the state of the gallery. The museum has two floors. The direction of the exhibition was not extremely clear so we kind of guessed, and hoped for the best. this was also the moment in which we got to know that, like many other small museums and galleries the Cartoon museum does not receive a great deal of funding…

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