Stranger Things – Because You Should

Once again, Netflix has proven that the reason why they are owning the TV industry of ou day an age is because they are able to produce high quality shows that engage with people in a very deep level. The latest hit is the fan favourite, viral hit Stranger Things. You haven’t seen it? You re in this blog, therefore you ought to watch it. It will not let you down. Why? Because Stranger Things is a show for geeks – amongst others who may just suffer from 80s nostalgia.

I did not have Netflix until recently, so I heard about it from my friends collective who really encouraged me to get on to it because: “it is totally your thing”. Well, they were right. But first, let me tell you about some of the ways the show had been described to me, and maybe then you will get why this is cool. “Stranger things is like playing very trippy DnD with your friends, but stuff actually gets real, like , for good, and super quick”. “Just imagine DnD meets Silent Hill, in the 80s”. “I mean, it is Winona Rider”. “Just so many references to absolutely everything, ever”….I am sure you get the picture, right? Well then, in the very best ManaBurnt style, I’ll give you my piece as to why this is a great show and why i liked it -and don’t worry: no spoilers, just in case.

First of all, let me tell you that the acting is SUPERB. There is not a single character in the entire series that is not well delineated and well established from their first appearance. Winona is particularly amazing, and more importantly, credible. The children are seriously relatable: if you play RPGs, you know straight out each of them play their role in the party to the core. Moreover, they actually struggle with real problems everyone can relate to: being bully at school, being misunderstood, ignored, or underestimated…and of course, lets not forget the deep connotations the show throws at you about depriving children from their childhood, child abuse…Violence –  and not just guns or weapons, but the brutal reality of events that can just creep in at any moment of your life, suffering…All these things are very real and well transmitted by the entire cast. Period.

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MTG Deck – NoMercy Concept- Mazo de Magic

I come to revisit one of my most used Magic:The Gathering decks, and that has stayed as it is for quite some time. It is a reliable deck, although not as fast as my red/blue. This is a white/black dual colour that originates from Orzhov guild concept, but that has transmuted into something of its own kind. I does not rely on extorting, although it promotes life gaining, with some bulky medium size creatures, most of which have flying, lifelink or both.

Hoy voy a revisitar uno de mis mazos más populares de estos tiempos, y que apenas ha cambiado desde su formato original. Es un mazo bastante estable, aunque no es tan rápido como mi rojo/azul. Este es un combo blanco/negro que usó como guía el concepto de las cartas del gremio Orzhov, pero para convertirse en un producto distinto. Por ejemplo, no use la técnica de extorsión, aunque se centra en ganar vida, y en convocar criaturas de tamaño medio con potencia, normalmente con mejoras tipo vinculo vital, vuelo, y en ocasiones ambas dos.

I originally created in an attempt to recreate my mono white deck which we have discussed in our previous post – Cuando empecé a trabajar en este mazo, realmente quería intentar replicar mi primera bajara blanca mono color, de la cual ya hemos hablado por aquí en otro momento:

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Card Games Outdoors: BBQ, Beach and Picnic Edition

Today we bring you one of our most popular updates in Spanish. Due to its success we have decided to translate it to English so it can be enjoyed in both languages. The update is about games you can play in the outside. With the nice weather we are enjoying (at least in some parts of the UK), it is likely many of you would like to spend some time in the sunshine. And if you are like us, you may not want to miss the opportunity of having fun, whether you are at the beach, camping or having a BBQ. There has been plenty of times when in those situations the wishful thinking arises “What a Shame not having a Deck of Cards…!” – at least in Spain it is quite popular to bring around a normal deck of cards to play a couple of traditional card games. Nowadays you can even have really cool, customised decks, from all sorts of merchandise and fandoms. But we understand that not everyone may want to sit down and play some poker, so here we bring a solution. This is a selection of card games that have saved the day in more than one occasion under these circumstances:

UNO…? I mean, who hasn’t played UNO in their lifetime? UNO is a very popular game, for all kinds of audience thanks to its great pace and simplicity. However, some people feel it is not a very dynamic game, or that it is missing “that spark”. Any one of my friends would say, that is because you have not played the improved version of the game: UNO BOOM-O. An all-time favourite in my home, UNO BOOM-O uses the same dynamic from its predecessor but adds something to it. Each player has a number of bomb cards, which are their lives. There is a countdown being played with the numeric cards from 0 to 60, which can go up or down depending on what you play and your strategy – you also have usual UNO cards such as exchange hands, skip turn, etc…The deal is that if you exceed 60, you explode. The great thing about this game is that it also caters for many players, and it is fun to play regardless of the number. It only has one inconvenience: it is out of print, and it is difficult to find from online buyers/sellers. However, there is an easy and convenient solution to the problem: print and play. Simple and economic.

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The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol.7

With Miraak and the vampires out of the equation, Luthien only had one more task left to do. Alduin had to be defeated. However, the politics of Skyrim were complicated. With a civil war in the process, the land divided, she needed to find everyone’s cooperation to complete her mission. Following the advise of the Blades and with the consent of the Grey Beards, a peace council met at High Hrothgar.

Ahora que tanto Miraak como los vampiros habían sido despachados, Luthien tan solo tenía una tarea pendiente: Alduin debía ser derrotado. No obstante, la situación política de Skyrim era complicada. En medio de una guerra civil, con la tierra y las gentes divididas, la elfa necesitaba que todos las partes implicadas estuviesen dispuestos a cooperar. Con el consentimiento de los Grey Beards, y siguiendo el consejo de los Blades, se convocó un concejo de paz en High Hrothgar.


The negotations did not go all so smoothly. The Dragonborn was being used as an equalizer for other people’s agenda, and as an outsider, the elf did not fully comprehend the impact that her decissions or judgement calls would have on Skyrim. But she was cornered against the wall. She had to go through this to successfully defeat Alduin without endangering the very people she was trying to protect. So she pledged and pleaded until the meeting ended.

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El Camino de las Sombras (Las Cronicas de Dragonlance)

Tras estos terribles acontecimientos, decidimos regresar a  Wayreth, pero la estupidez de mis amigos hizo que de nuevo el Orador tuviese de que quejarse, encarcelando así a Zrack y dejando vigilados a los demás. No había tiempo que perder, por tanto conseguí embelesar al orador una vez más con mi canción y fue así como desencarcele a Zrack. Tan solo nosotros tuvimos permiso para ir a llevar la llave a la cámara secreta donde serían guardadas y mantenidas lejos de todo mortal. No obstante, en el corto trayecto que habia entre la torre y la sala, yo le conté mi secreto al enano – aún sigo sin comprender muy bien por qué…Al principio, se mostró reacio, pero por motivos que sigo sin entender, al final decidió unirse a mi causa. Tras ser asaltados por unos trasgos, regresamos a la torre. Allí, bellaca y vilmente convencí a Par-Salian de que unos trasgos nos habían robado la llave, intentando hacerle sentir culpable ya que solo me permitió ir acompañada del enano.

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Comics Potpourri: Thoughts on My Latest Reads

Today I bring you a brief overview of three comics I’ve read in the last couple of weeks, and my thoughts on the subject. I have selected these three because none of them are your most mainstream productions, so perhaps they have not become visible under your radar, or you may have forgotten about it with all the usual Marvel/DC background noise. As you may know already, I do like – and thrive to – find and read things that are slightly on the margins of the big sequential art market. So this is my potpourri:

Ragnarok – Last God Standing: I came across this comic at first when we were visiting Oslo. They had it as a featured publication at the amazing comic book store Outland. As someone interested in all things vaguely Viking/Norse/Medieval in general, I thought this looked like my kinda thing. I bought this for my birthday a few months back, trying to get a break from the stream of Image comics I’ve been reading recently. The story did not turn out to be exactly what I was expecting, but it was interesting enough. Continue reading “Comics Potpourri: Thoughts on My Latest Reads”

La Mejor Barda de Todo Krynn (Las Cronicas de Dragonlance)

 El siguiente texto es la primera parte de una campaña de rol que jugamos por el año 2004-2005. La partida estaba basada en una serie de canciones del grupo de power metal Helloween, el cual nos gustaba bastante a mi grupo de amigos. Canciones como Keeper of the Seven Seas o King for a Thousand Years, inspiraron a nuestro master para crear esta historia. Mi personaje, es uno de mis favoritos hasta la fecha: la barda Eltheryn, la mejor barda de todo Krynn (ahora ya sabéis de donde viene la referencia). Sus características salieron brutales. Ya que la campaña duro bastante tiempo, y como barda que era, me dedique a escribir la historia…desde mi punto de vista… 😉 (Es bastante realista, a pesar de todo…)


Episodio 1

Mi nombre es conocido en cientos de lugares por todo Krynn: Eltheryn, la barda del pelo ardiente, adoradora de Natura, portadora de música, fiel y leal servidora de Branchala. Sin embargo, la aventura que recoge los hechos más importantes de mi vida aún no se conoce… Creo que es hora de que se comiencen a divulgar los hechos que una Elfa tiene que contar…

Aún recuerdo el día que les conocí. Inútiles. Ilusos ilusionados les llamé…y eso siguen siendo hoy en día, aunque han sabido mostrarme su aprecio y algunos se han ganado el mío. Se trataba de un elfo Qualinesti tirado en el suelo, y un enano oscuro que se encontraba saliendo de un bosque. Belthar y Zrack eran sus nombres. Me dispuse a acompañarles hasta el pueblo próximo…pero jamás imagine que mi destino sería acompañarles hasta aún más lejos. Belthar había sido desterrado de su tierra. Al parecer estaba acusado de asesinato, homicidio…algo así. Zrack…era y es un mundo aparte. Los elfos nunca comprenderemos del todo a los enanos. Belthar se disponía a ingresar en la torre de Alta Hechicería de Wayreth…Aja…Había topado con un mago incompetente. Del otro no queda nada más que decir que era un bárbaro…

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Geek Obsession – Tolkien (again)

You may have seen the previous post like this by Lilly, but I though I could add a few things. I too am a huge Tolkien fan, and despite not having read all his books (or doing research on them), I have a lot of random stuff that I’ve collected, and am in the process of reading the Silmarillion. I hope to read through all the books soon enough an own the full collection, but for now this is pretty much all I have; the largest collection of a single thing I own!


First I suppose it should start with these two books, The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings. I got these two really lovely editions a few years ago for Christmas, and proceeded to finish the Hobbit in about two days. They are both full of great illustrations by Alan Lee. Continue reading “Geek Obsession – Tolkien (again)”

The One Ring Chronicles – Part Four: Into The Long Marshes

The group arrived at the Stair of Girion late in the day as the sun was just disappearing behind the tallest trees of the eastern eaves of Mirkwood. They considered making camp themselves but were soon invited to join the lake-men who lived near the shore to take seats around their fire. These porters were simple men, and most of them young. They were easily excited by the sight of adventurers daring to go south on a boat, and jumped at the chance of hearing a good story or song from them. Unfortunately the party lacked any musical individuals, but Burin was happy to entertain them with stories from the histories of the Dwarves, mostly of great battles with the Orcs in the far off Misty Mountains.

The Lake-men were pleased to have such interesting company on that night, and before it grew late they introduced the party to an ancient looking individual that supposedly lived nearby. Old Nerulf was his name, and when he spoke to the group the decrepit Northman was hardly intelligible, but when he heard that these travellers were heading south he repeated over and over again what seemed to be some words of warning, perhaps a rhyme of lore he learned as a child: ‘If you go south into the marshes take heed: tread lightly and fear the gallows-weed…’ Continue reading “The One Ring Chronicles – Part Four: Into The Long Marshes”