Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK (2nd May – 19th August 2014)

This Exhibition was excellent. Alex and I attended and did a review for another project we take part in.

W.U Hstry

On the 15th of march (2014) I went out on a research trip to London. My first stop of the day was at the British Library, an I must say it was probably the most rewarding experience of my research quest!

The British Library was busy, as usual, although the exhibition was surprisingly quiet- I think as I came in (with W.U Hstry members Alex and Michael), we must have been about 7 people in the first room at most. It started picking up and the flow of people was fairly constant, which in a sense was probably better as we did not feel rushed and we could take as much time to read and look at the information that we were presented with. We were also supplied by a free exhibition guide, which had a little map and a considerable great deal of information about each key section of…

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