Painting a “Cold One”

So here I bring you a quick Warhammer job: it’s a fantasy Dark Elves “cold one”. Just the actual lizard for now. It has a bit of finishing that needs doing, but it’s pretty much there.

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Geek Obsession #3: Firefly & Serenity

Welcome to another geek obsession update! Today I bring you one that many of you geeks were waiting for – For the Browncoats are one of the most amazing fandoms! Yes, today I shall show you my display of Firefly & Serenity bits! For those who may not know: I LOVE JOSS WHEDON!! Not only Buffy and Angel, and Firefly (Of Course!), but I am actually very fond of some of his other stuff such as Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and Dollhouse – we have talked about this here:

İHola frikis! Hoy os traigo una que andabais esperando ya desde hace tiempo – Browncoats del ‘verse unite, porque hoy hablamos de Firefly & Serenity. Vengo con merchandise otra vez. Para aquellos que no lo supiesen, yo soy fan de Joss Whedon en prácticamente todas sus variantes: Buffy, Angel, Firefly & Serenity (por supuesto), y también alguna cosilla algo más oscura como el Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog y Dollhouse.

However, the crew of the Serenity has, and always will have, a special place within my heart and soul. This is not only for the pain of seeing an amazing show being cancelled in an unfair and unjust manner, but because Firefly is just a great series. The script is well written, it is funny, it portrays some ideals, principles and values that are incredibly interesting, with a variety of philosophies that help fleshing out the ‘verse where the most beloved characters ever just get on with their troublesome lives. (I mean even Badger, is just cool!).

Pero la tripulación de la Serenity siempre tendrán un huequito especial en mi corazón: no solo porque les cancelasen el show de forma injusta, sino porque Firefly es una serie divertida, genialmente escrita, que representa unos valores, principios y filosofías muy interesantes, y con unos personajes a los que se quiere – hasta Badger, por favor, patanes como el, solo hay uno.

Therefore, I shall leave you here with a few of my trinkets, which, although that may not be as shiny as those from Star Wars, I value them just as much, or maybe even more!

Así que, aquí os dejo con mi cachivaches múltiples – tal vez no sean tan abundante o espectaculares como los de Star Wars, se les estima Mucho Muchísimo.


Thankfully the fun doesn’t end with the series! The comics are great!…Oh! Hey there Serenity plush – Por suerte, esto no se acaba aquí: la colección de comics la verdad es que es genial, os la recomiendo. Oh, y por ahí aparece mi Serenity plush 🙂
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Juegos de Cartas: de Campo y Playa

İHola gentecilla! Os prometí que volvería con más juegos, y aquí estoy. Con este tiempo tan caluroso que tenemos incluso en el Reino Unido, hay ganas de frikear, pero también hay ganas de salir al sol. Muchos de vosotros estaréis de camino a la playa, o tal vez de picnic a la sombra, o de barbacoa. Y si sois como yo, en algún momento diréis, “Jo, vaya pena no haber traído unas cartas”. Normalmente, la gente se suele llevar una baraja española, lo cual siempre está bien (además con la pila de costumizaciones que hay hoy en día, no tienes por qué tener una baraja aburrida de las de toda la vida, puede ser súper geeky con cosas de comics, artistas de fantasía y ciencia ficción, series populares de televisión…). Pero, seamos realistas, no todo el mundo quiere echar una partida de brisca…Y nosotros tenemos la solución. Por tanto, aquí os dejamos una selección de juegos de cartas, rapiditos de jugar, fácilmente transportables, y que nos han salvado la fiesta al aire libre en varias ocasiones:

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Reading Rat Queens Vol. 3: Demons

For my birthday one of my friends bought me the third instalment of this great series by Image – Rat Queens. You’ve already heard me talk about the series and its characters before, so today I am just going to go over some of the features that have caught my attention. Must warn you though: This May Contain Spoilers!

I think story wise, this is probably the best volume out of the three. Whilst volume one was great at creating the setting, and explaining everyone’s background, the story did not have the grit we are presented here. The second volume, probably the funniest, had some significant character developments and some absolutely to die for art work, a great deal of the story focused on the action, which was essential for the developments of vol. 3. Therefore, we have reached the peak of all the intrigues. We have also get to know each character in full. Betty is still my favourite. Her loving, kindred spirit is just overwhelming. And we see here, more than ever how she is the sensitivity of the Queens. Dee has gone miles ahead, she is a complete different person. She has a fully grown back bone fuelled by her intellect and high understanding of how the universe works. We have also got to learn more about her family thanks to the appearance of her brother Senoa. Violet has shown us her caring and selfless side. And to the surprise of many, she is rocking a pretty beautiful beard! What happened with screw tradition?! I guess everyone grows up. And then Hannah…although it was hinted I did not expect the progression to be so bold. Her look change really caught me by surprise – in general the last 10 pages really got me like this 😱😱😱😱 I followed the demonic agreement, and accepted the evil deeds at the Mage uni. But brushing off the Queens and going full on solo was hard to digest.

But I get it. I understand that the outcasts go through change. I understand that trust and friendship is always tested, sometimes in pretty brutal ways. And Rat Queens has always been excellent at pushing the boundaries, and testing the integrity of its characters. “Sometimes love isn’t good enough” says Betty. There is great opposition between nature and nurture in the four characters – probably less visible to this stage in our loving smidgen. And I think the plot is moving to explore deeper concepts already outlined in these first 3 volumes: belonging, family v friends, believes v principles, what is good and what is bad, and who is, and who can judge. Support – how much can you rely in those around you and how much must you only depend on your own self. Flexibility and tolerance, respect.

It hurt me that Dee openly challenged Hannah’s intention of rescuing her father even though Hannah had a point and it was her duty. Or how Violet was not up to the task of assuming the so contested leadership of the group when her sense of honour and deep mindedness was most needed. It demonstrated that now that she found comfort in her relationship with Dave the orc, perhaps she didn’t feel she needed that recognition and that made her more detached. If she would have been more on the ball, things may have been different….And what is it with that sword she got from Daniel the Dragon? Perhaps that is responsible for her behaviour? Too early to tell.

I think Hannah only had one way out. In her eyes her sisters walked away from her: Dee did so very vocally (perhaps without meaning to), Violet was clumsy and did not live up to standards. Betty tried, Betty understood, but Hannah clearly dismissed this as naivety rather than honest concern and respect.

I am certainly interested to know what we got coming in volume 4. Now, I know there has been a lot of controversy with the announcement that Fowler will not be continuing the artwork in the fourth arch and that she will be substituted by Roc Upchurch (first artist of the series who has dismissed following his arrest for domestic violence). I personally don’t think one half does the other. You could tell through this volume that although Fowler’s artwork is great, there was a dissociation between the art and the plot. While it worked brilliantly for volume two – spectacularly well I’d say – the darker development of the story requires a more moody type of drawing. The tone needs to be in accordance. So, personally I don’t have a problem with this decision – politics aside.

And I think that is all I can say without repeating myself too much – and I don’t like repeating myself, so it is probably wise to call it a day. Not before though, before I encourage you to read the entire collection and get some Queen attitude in you. After all this is a comic by geeks for geeks – embracing and loving those outside of the norm, and bringing them home, wherever home is…although not with a rocky, muddy climb. That’s how epic is forged


Geek Obsession – Boba Fett and The Mandalorians

I finally decided to have a crack at sharing one of my ‘geek obsessions’ as Lilly already has a couple of times on the blog, and like Lilly I’m going to start off with a subset of the Star Wars fandom!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but for a fairly minor character in only 1.5 for the Star Wars movies, Boba Fett is surprisingly popular. Now I wasn’t around at the time, so I’m not entirely sure when or why his cult following came together, but to be honest, it probably has something to do with the cool armour and jetpack, which is now a very symbolic and recognizable part of Star Wars today.

My being a fan of Mr Fett Jr does however come second to Fett senior. Jango Fett. Obviously I’m a younger generation of Star Wars fan, which has led me to the fairly unpopular view that the prequels are actually watchable! So for me the ‘obsession’ with these characters came from Episode II, where to me the best part of the film is Jango Fett, the feared bounty hunter and basis of the entire Republic clone army! Jango Fett is just a much cooler character to me, to begin with he used dual blaster pistols, which is awesome. He has cooler armour, which he actually keeps in good condition. He was brought up within Mandalorian society. He has far better action scenes, where he can clearly hold his own against some of the best Jedi, and even when he does finally meet his end, it’s in a far more epic way than just falling into a pit. 

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Total War: WARHAMMER – Checking Out The Mods

So it’s been almost two months since the release of Total War: Warhammer. I have completed a long campaign as Empire, and have campaigns ongoing in most of the other current factions. The developers are apparently still working on the game, and have given information on future release of content here. The first thing to be released officially  is ‘Blood for the Blood God’ which is just a cool name for the inclusion of gore into the game, a practice which they have done in the last few games despite people always complaining about having to pay (£2) for something that really should be free if not in the game to begin with. Not a good start on the official new content then, but let’s hope that improves.

Now onto what I really want to talk about, the mods. Modding for the game started seemingly within seconds of the game being released. Unsurprisingly these were mostly very simple mods, and since then there have been an abundance of little tweaks all over the place. This is probably going to make up the majority of the mods going forward as well, due to the fact that Total War games have been harder and harder to mod with each new release. Gone are the days of the almost entirely new games like Third Age TW, but oh well. There are still some great things to be found for Warhammer already, and now that I’ve played the vanilla game a fair amount, I’m ready to dive in.

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GURPS: Pa’ Que Molestarse.

Comentamos este tema por aquí hace unas semanas en la sección de columnas en inglés, y debido a su popularidad, hemos decidido traducirla al castellano para continuar la discusión tan prolifera que hemos tenido.

He aquí mi dilema con el sistema de rol conocido como GURPS, que es producido por Steve Jackson, el del Munchkin y estas cosas. Durante años me he mantenido lo más alejada posible de GURPS, sobre todo como Master. He medio jugado alguna partida u otra, he intentado hacer personajes en más de alguna ocasión, pero me puede completa y rotundamente. Lo cual me revienta porque por un cumpleaños creo que fue me regalaron el libro para jugar a Discworld, que por desgracia funciona vía GURPS. El problema es que me parece terriblemente complicado para lo que realmente se consigue lograr. Así que aquí os dejo los motivos por los que GURPS no es mi sistema a elegir:

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Anime: from Childhood to Adulthood

Hey there! I’ve noticed we haven’t really touched upon this, which I thought it was odd because anime was perhaps one of the most accessible geekiest things of my childhood. We had cable TV in my home and through Cartoon Network, FoxKids, and eventually Buzz, the vast majority of the cartoons I used to watch, were anime!

I think one of the very first shows I followed through was Sailor Moon…My mum really liked it; she had the mangas and everything. Sailor Moon was super popular in Spain during the 1990s, probably even more than Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball Z. They used to air on public TV: Sailor Moon at lunch time, and DB/DBZ after school. As I got slightly older, around 8/9 years old, I remember the Pokemon and Digimon mania took over. Yet, I was more fond of the less watched shows such as Medabots and Monster Rancher which I used to watch before bed. Shortly after arrived YuGiOh, and Dragon Ball GT – of which I am actually very fond of because Trunks is awesome in any way shape or form. (If the order of these series doesn’t make a lot of sense to you, please do bear in mind that TV in Spain was seriously behind the rest of Europe/the world, and sometimes we got hold of shows that were a decade old…). Then, in the early 2000s, something amazing happened.

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The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol.6

Luthien left Serana at the care of the Dawnguard; she had served her well, but what would come next she had to face alone. And for that she needed better gear. Therefore, the wood elf spent a few days at home improving her armour and crafting new weapons. Luthien dejó a Serana al cuidado de la Dawnguard: a pesar de que le había sido una fiel compañera, lo que venía a continuación era algo a lo que debía enfrentarse sola. Y para ello necesitaba mejorar sus efectos personales, así que la elfa paso unos días en su casa aumentando la calidad de su armadura y creando nuevas armas.


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