Geek Obsession #1 – Jawas!

Welcome to the first post on this topic – Geek Obsessions. Of course as geeks we are all fanatics and enthusiasts of certain fandoms, products and trademarks. But some of them have bonds more personal than others. So today I will be speaking about my obsession which is well-known and has been a part of me since I was just a bit older than a toddler.

Bienvenidos al primer post de esta serie de publicaciones que comenzamos en el blog – Geek Obsessions. Como geeks que somos, todos tenemos nuestros fanatismos, colecciones y atracciones hacia determinadas franquicias dentro de esta industria, aunque evidentemente algunas de estas conexiones trascienden el afán de coleccionar, y se convierten en algo mucho más personal. Así que hoy os hablare de este afán que siempre he tenido desde que era bien pequeña y que todo el mundo conoce porque lo voy proclamando a los 7 vientos.


Yes, out of all the things, characters and icons that have come out of Star Wars, Jawas are my thing. It all begun when as a little kid I’d wrap myself in my hooded towel after bath time and say something like “look mummy I am a cuchini dwarf!!”. Bless my cotton socks. Appreciate that back then the concept of knowing what Jawas were was perhaps a bit out of my depth. Nonetheless, I clearly understood these cool things were of dwarven like creatures, at least in stature, who yelled something that to me sounded like cuchini – which does bear some resemblance to UTINI!

Pues sí, de todas las cosas que pueden salir del universo de Star Wars, İlos Jawas son mi rollo! Todo comenzó años atrás cuando siendo una cría peque solía salir de mi baño con mi toalla con capucha y le decía a mi mama cosas como “İMira mami soy un enanito cuchini!” – verificado por mis padres, prometido. Tendréis que perdonad mi inocencia y desconocimiento de la materia por aquel entonces, pero evidentemente había lógica en mis palabras. Esta clara que era consciente de que estas criaturas de ojos como bombillas eran de estatura parecida a los enanos de las historias de fantasía, y que gritaban lo que por aquel entonces yo entendía como “cuchini” – el mejor conocido grito UTINI. Pero vamos, tampoco se alejaba mucho la cosa.

And from there it all just gradually came together. I currently own a Jawa plush, a Jawa hoodie, and several t-shirts. Y de ahí derivo la cuestión: actualmente soy la orgullosa propietaria de un Jawa de peluche que hace ruiditos Jawa, varias camisetas y una sudadera muy chula todo Jawa.

Combination of hoodie and t-shirts.Combinando sudadera y camisetas.

Little Jawa

At the recent MCM Comic-Con I found myself surrounded by these two…Para rematar la jugada, el año pasado en la MCM Comic-Con de Londres me encontré con estos individuos y la foto no pudo faltar…

Jawa Me

Before I go, I must add that my last Star Wars RPG character was, indeed, a Jawa. I made her/him (character sex was never really determined) an engineer that will spend the whole game exchanging dice for other goods: food, weapons, you name it. Instead of scrap metal, dice, as it is what I had handy! And of course, I spent the entire time making weird noises while pointing at the other player, much to the perplexity and amusement of my friends…:D Para rematar la jugada, he de decir que uno de mis últimos personajes de Star Wars – el juego de rol – era un Jawa ingeniero que se dedicaba a cambiar dados por cosas: armas, comida, lo que fuese, al no tener latón y otros residuos metalúrgicos, lo hacía pasar por ello. Ah! Y por supuesto me pasaba la mitad del juego haciendo ruiditos incomprensibles mientras apuntaba a los otros jugadores…:D

Therefore, if you are also Star Wars geeks/fans and you have a geek obsession to share, we would love to hear all about it! (And maybe one day if you’re good Alex will tell you about his with Boba Fett 🙂 ).

Si vosotros también sois geeks o frikis de Star Wars y tenéis una obsession geek que compartir, nos encantara oírlo (la de Alex es sobre Boba Fett, igual un día si sois buenos os la cuentaJ).

See you soon!

Hasta la próxima.

Wytches & Scott Snyder’s Magical Narrative

Today I come back with a comic book that has really marked me and which I would happily considered one of the best written comics of the 21st century. It is interesting too because it is the type of story I wouldn’t normally read – in fact, horror/thriller comics are a pretty niche subgenre in general. Personally, though, you’d never see me going nearby scary things – I don’t do spooky very well. Yet here I was reading Wytches in one go as I could not find the courage to actually stop reading. For those of you who have read it, I hope you agree. But for those of you who haven’t, please let me tell you that this will completely change your perspective of horror comics.

First things first – everyone knows Scott Snyder is amazing. American Vampire hit the market like a bomb, and has been a great long running series since its release in 2010. We are currently on the second cycle of the story, and the intensity of the writing has not changed at all. Simply great, thrilling and refreshing. Snyder and King make a fantastic team, and their styles compliment each other like bread and butter. I remember buying a serial magazine that is now out of print in the UK just for the promotional poster in my first year of university. It was vampires made new, and made right, with a touch of Western – thank you for thinking of something new! Now, I must admit, I lost track of Snyder for a little while, perhaps I was too concentrated on other publications at the time, and to my shame, I almost forgot about it. Then I was at Waterstones’ one good day and to my surprise I see volume 1 of Wytches – who did this escape me?! I read the premise and my first thought was “Nuh-Huh. I don’t do Scary”. Here I was presented with the idea that the Rook family move to a deeper part of the American woods after the daughter, Sailor, is accused or suspected of having murdered this girl who used to bully her at her previous school. Dad – Charlie is a writer, a man who seems to be trying to do the right thing for his family and that ultimately you know he is scared and terrified of what the change, the possibilities and his capability to deal with the situation. Mum – Lucy is currently on a wheelchair due to an accident, seemingly a car crash. And a deep, dark broody witch cult runs in the background. Then I opened the book and Jock’s amazing artwork just compelled me to perhaps reconsider. I have seen few such good matches of narrative and art style like this one. The flashes of colour, the gradual change, moving from psychedelic to the darkest type of new gothic, bleak yet bright. The colour was the work of the fantastic Mark Hollingsworth. It was amazing. Then I notice it’s written by Mr Snyder…And how I could not take it home?

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The One Ring Chronicles – Part One: Introduction

It is late Autumn in the year 2946 of The Third Age. It has been five years since the dragon came down from the mountain and laid great fire upon the lake. Five years since the great Battle of Five Armies, and five years of rebuilding.

Bard the Bowman has completed the reconstruction of Dale and has been crowned the new King. A new Laketown has been completed and trade has resumed up and down the Running River. Beorn has recently established his rule as a great chief at the head of his new followers, now known as the Beornings.

There is peace in the land as the Goblins are scattered, the wolves cower away and even the necromancer has supposedly been driven from his lair in the south of the forest. The number of Dwarves and Elves in these mannish towns grow less since the towns reached completion. Memories, especially the memories of men, fade fast, and maybe in the years to come the time of the alliance, when the free peoples fought the Goblins and wolves will fade, and Dwarves and Elves will be seen as intruders and interlopers once again.

But for now, after almost two centuries of misery, the people of Wilderland are finally free to celebrate harvest and planting festivals, Yuletide, the breaking of Spring and the end of Winter without impending threats. The streets of the new Laketown are crowded for the most part of the year, but teem with activity especially in the period that goes from September to December, when many crops are sown and animals are slaughtered, and people from neighbouring lands enter the town leaving their woods and fields and pastures to bring their goods to the market.

Many foreigners from all over Wilderland join the townsfolk of Esgaroth this year in the first year of the festivities called Dragontide, held to celebrate the death of Smaug. This is a three-day festival held in Laketown from the first of November to the third, celebrating the killing of Smaug the Dragon and the end of the harvest season. All three days are to be given to much eating, drinking and singing, as hundreds come to enter the town, or camp on the grounds cleared for the purpose on the shore at the end of its bridge.


Trasfondo: Lyssa Appelberg – Warhammer Fantasy (2009)

Aquí os dejo hoy el trasfondo de mi mercenaria de una partida de Warhammer Fantasy que jugué con unos amigos de Santander en 2009. Espero que lo disfrutéis.

Acaba de amanecer. Hace aproximadamente un par de horas caí exhausta de mi montura: Tyr-non, era una buena yegua, muy lista, es lógico que buscase por su bien y no por el mío. Sobre todo sabiendo que todo esto es culpa mía: ella en ningún momento quiso aventurarse en esta locura…Por tanto aquí me encuentro magullada, perdida en el bosque de Drakwald, intentando no desmayarme a causa de la falta de alimento y bebida. Será mejor que repose unos instantes antes de ponerme de nuevo en pie, creo haber distinguido un claro no muy lejos de aquí. Mientras tanto, tal vez convendría presentarme.

Mi nombre es Lyssa, Lyssa Appelberg, aunque el apellido ahora no importe. Soy originaria de Nuln, y fue allí donde me crié, en la humilde casa de mi humilde familia. Mi padre era cazador y mi madre, además de encargarse de las tareas del hogar y los niños, cuidaba y criaba pollos que después vendíamos en el mercado. Mi hermano mayor, Elrik, me sacaba cinco años. Fue él quien me enseñó todo lo necesariamente útil para sobrevivir en un mundo tan inhumano como el nuestro. Elrik solía ir de caza con nuestro padre, era bueno con el arco. También ayudaba a mamá, especialmente se encargaba de mí. De veras juro que es el mejor hermano que se podría tener. Por desgracia, siendo yo pequeña, a penas contaría con diez años, padre murió a causa de una terrible enfermedad que ningún médico supo diagnosticar. Fue lo peor que podría habernos pasado, pero por suerte estaba Elrik. Tendría por aquel entonces quince años. Le prometió a nuestra madre que no dejaría que nos hundiésemos en la miseria y por ello, aprovechando sus dotes como arquero, se alistó en el ejército, a cambio de un salario miserable e indigno del cual vivíamos.

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Fortunas Games– Master of dice and Sadomasochist

Master of dice

After years of gaming you are able to fire off the probability of success when simultaneously throwing 5 dice, all of different sides, in the middle of a shouting match
about which of the 15 different plans is going to deliver the fewest losses in a situation that has almost no chance of success. You take on complex politics and fleet actions of millions of men and women and make house of cards look like its full of the most ethical people to ever grace politics.

Though you’ve probably got your preferred games by now and some of the most fun games can be on the simplest systems.


Make your own system

If every time you find a problem you think, “I could do better than this!” then do it! Grab a notepad and start brainstorming ideas, one of my favorite games at my university society was a system inspired by the one piece anime and then it was handed around from GM to GM each polishing the core mechanics and creating optional rules for mecha or ship battles, special attack and weapons.

Pick your dice, the style and get some friends to play-test and don’t be afraid to throw in new rules and take criticism. And most of all, have fun. Continue reading “Fortunas Games– Master of dice and Sadomasochist”

“Terry Pratchett – A Memorial”

Yesterday evening we had the infinite pleasure to assist the Terry Pratchett memorial at the Barbican Theatre (London).


A very selective event, kept very hush-hush, but magical nonetheless. We cried as much as we laughed through the nearly 3 hours the celebration went on for. There was a choir, and Steele Eye Span played a few songs, as Terry liked them very much and was friends with them. Stephen Briggs welcomed us all while impersonating Lord Vetinari. Rob Wilkins was more than a host or presenter; he acted like a dear friend to the audience, sharing experiences, comments and anecdotes from his time with Terry. Many of the author’s friends came to the stage: publishers, editors, colleagues, it was a wholesome symphony of praise, respect and love for one of Britain’s most popular and beloved writers. Everyone had kind words for him not only as a professional, but as a person. Rhianna Pratchett came to the stage to share her memories of him as a father, privilege she has only amongst anyone.

I could not help but feel that, despite I never met him – for by the time I came to the UK his illness was advanced, and I did not have the chance to go to a book signing or a convention – I somehow knew him, as a mentor, as a role model. As an inspiring figure, with all his complexities. I guess all these emotions became much more real when Neil Gaiman entered the scene and proceeded to read a piece I already knew – his introduction to A Slip of the Keyboard. I knew the piece, almost by heart. But I had only read it, I hadn’t been told it. Suddenly these words, that I thought I comprehended, took new real meanings. An overwhelming emotional wave took me by surprise – I don’t think I have recovered quite yet; I could hardly go to sleep last night after that. Continue reading ““Terry Pratchett – A Memorial””

The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol.3

Assuming one’s fate was never easy. Luthien was conscious that life was about to take a turn in the most incredible of ways. And soon, dark skies would cloud over her sense of direction. Asumir nuestro propio destino siempre ha sido una tarea difícil, y Luthien sabía bien que su vida iba a transformarse de forma inquietante. Pronto, nubes negras entorpecerían su sentido del rumbo.


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Metro (Paris 1898) – Juego del Dia

Hoy vamos a darle una jugada a este juego que siempre me ha gustado mucho: Metro (París 1898). Mis padres lo compraron en un viaje a Alemania, poco tiempo después de que el juego ganase el Kritikerpreis “Juego del año” de 2000. Es bastante fácil de jugar, rápido y los resultados siempre son variables, así que vamos a darle un vistazo.

Metro Paris 1898 content box.
La caja del Metro Paris 1898.

Metro es un juego que se basa en poner fichas sobre un tablero con el objetivo de hacer las rutas más largas posibles para cada una de tus líneas. Al final de la partida el jugar con más puntos gana – y se recomienda que hagáis un recuento rápido a final de partida, ya que es fácil dejarse puntos colgando. El número de jugadores es de 2 a 6 – contra más jugadores más caos y malicia, pero con dos se juega igual de bien. Se tardan entre 20 y 40 minutos en jugar, dependiendo de cómo de serie los jugadores se lo estén tomando, o lo confundidos que se hallen con las vueltas que dan las líneas.

El juego funciona de la siguiente manera, cada ronda todos los jugadores ponen según el orden que hayáis establecido una ficha sobre el tablero, y se sigue este patrón hasta que no quede fichas. No tiene más misterio. Las fichas deben de estar en pilas mirando hacia abajo, y cuando se colocan sobre el tablero deben de seguir la dirección que marque la flecha – usad el tablero como punto de referencia. Continue reading “Metro (Paris 1898) – Juego del Dia”

Board Game of the Day: Metro (Paris 1898)

Today we have a go at playing one of my all time favourite board games: Metro, Paris 1898. My parents bought the game on a trip to Germany shortly after the game received the award of “Best game of the Year” 2000 (Kritikerpreis). I have always been very fond of this game. It is very simple to play, relatively quick, and the outcomes are always variable. First let’s have a quick look at the game and its dynamics.

Metro Paris 1898 content box.
Metro Paris 1898 content box.

Metro is a tile-placing game in a board with the goal of making the longest underground rail connections or each of your stations. The number of players goes from 2-6 maximum. More players equals more chaos and mischief amongst players. But playing between 2 is just as enjoyable. The winner of the game is whoever has more accumulated points by the end. I really recommend a final count of everyone’s points when you play Metro, regardless of the number of players as more often than not you would have missed something and that can be crucial for your victory. Estimated play time? 20-40 minutes, although it may vary if the players are considering their moves very carefully (or if they are confused over the routes of the tracks!). Continue reading “Board Game of the Day: Metro (Paris 1898)”

Fortunas Games, Picking Your Roleplay Game – Part two – the journeyman

So you’ve played a few campaigns, wept over your first dead character, or laughed maniacally when you kill your first, but comforted yourself that she/he died for something greater than themselves, brought an unjustifiable amount of dice and now you want to try some new things.

It’s at this point that your choice will have to start being based upon your personal preference. It’s the age old battle, narrative or mechanics, how many rules are you willing to bend or even completely break for the narrative and how many are you going to allow your players to break, if you are willing to break these without much thought then maybe a more narrative system such as Fate would be for you, however if you prefer a strong set of mechanics and a sound mathematical probability basis then possibly GURPS or the old classic BattleTech.

I really recommend Corporation, its basically practice for when Trump gets into office.

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