What I have to Say about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

So this is my review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There has been a lot of talking osince the release of the movie on the 23/03/2016, and I wouldn’t normally take part in any controversial and rocky topic that includes the word “Superman” – my dislike for the character is well-known. However, I actually feel like I have something constructive to say about the son of Krypton and the so much defamed Ben Affleck. Just hear me out.

I saw the movie just the saturday gone in my local cinema (Winchester, UK). I had tried not to read much on the subject before the movie, and I had barely paid attention to the trailers. I think I was trying hard not to make myself even more biased. I think I succeeded. So there I sat and let the screen do its thing. My first impression is: don’t listen to everything everyone says on the internet kids. Considering all the mixed reviews and odd feelings the movie had awaken in most viewers I found my judgement relatively balanced. I actually thought the movie was alright. Not a killer, not movie of the year, but neither the sort of atrocity some critics, or website like Rotten Tomatoes are describing. The acting was decent – not superb, but decent. I have to say that Mr Affleck makes a competent Bruce Wayne, and for the Batman he plays – which please all remember is not the Dark Knight, neither your classic one, but rather an older, tougher, disheartened one – he did just fine: good poker face Ben, good. Now, I will reveal my weakness…I am actually quite fond of Henry Cavill – he is a nice guy, and actually that is the one thing that makes his version of Superman bearable for someone like me. He doesn’t indulge in the cheesie idealised super American over the top Superman I hate. I find Cavill makes him fairly approachable and even relatable, warm. It is difficult to engage with an alien master-race that can survive living under the radiation of a super powerful star just to become a demigod, you know? But Henry makes me think, “well, perhaps I misunderstood the guy. Perhaps Clarkie isn’t such a douche after all”. Unfortunately for Amy Adams, I hate Lois Lane with a passion – but she is a great actress, and from that perspective i have no complaints. Personally speaking I think the 2 characters I enjoyed most of the entire movie are Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman. Jesse Eisenberg ladies and gentleman!! What a dude!! He really spins Luthor into his own man without losing the essence of this charismatic quirky villain, and brings it to the screen anew, fresh, leaving behind the preconceptions promoted by Smallville and such. And Gal Gadot – they couldn’t have casted anyone better. She was a great match, and although her role is relatively small, I really hope to see more of her in the forthcoming series of movies, because I thought she was great. Nonetheless and to my shame, I though Jeremy Irons as Alfred was not very good at all – left me cold and indifferent, if he wasn’t in the movie, I wouldn’t have noticed or even care. Which is a Shame, because Alfred has been a constant DC favourite of mine. Anyway, moving on to other things. Continue reading “What I have to Say about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

The One Ring Characters: Arnulf and Burin

Before I eventually get into the story I’m writing set in Middle Earth using the One Ring RPG, I’m going to start off with a few posts introducing some of the characters I’ll be introducing. To begin here are the two main characters I plan on starting the story off with.

Arnulf son of Arn, Man of Dale and Burin son of Frár, Dwarf of the Iron Hills

Arnulf is one of the many Northmen in the region that have taken to calling themselves ‘Bardings’ after King Bard, the ruler of the reconstructed city of Dale and the surrounding Dalelands. In the five years since the slaying of Smaug and the Battle of Five Armies Arnulf has been eagerly helping with the restoration of the city and was among the first to resettle in the small community there a few months after the battle. Being a fairly young man at the age of twenty-one years he has spent most of his time under the guidance of his elders, particularly his master and teacher Burin the Dwarf, and looking up to the example that King Bard has led. Continue reading “The One Ring Characters: Arnulf and Burin”

The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol. 2

Returning to Luthien’s story – this time no preamble, you know how it goes…Regresamos con la historia de Luthien – esta vez sin preámbulos que os lo conocéis.

Embracing the forces inside her, the wood elf walks the road of enlightenment. The enemies were fierce, but so was she. She would not walk away from a fight, not anymore. Not even against the most damaging foes. Wizards, mages, necromancers…Up to this stage Luthien had little magical knowledge and her aptitudes against the spell casters will often deem such quests as arduous. But in order to improve oneself, one must overcome their fears. Soon the Thalmor were on her tail – her despicable kin would have her head on a pike for her Dovah blood. But she would learn to be ruthless.

Nuestra elfa debe aceptar las fuerzas que se contienen en su interior; buscando respuestas camina las sendas de la iluminación. Sus enemigos son feroces, mas también lo es ella. Nunca jamás evitara la lucha, ni siquiera al tratarse de aquellos quienes pueden causar los peores estragos. Hechiceros, brujas y nigromantes, el poder y conocimiento de la magia es algo carente en la heroína, convirtiendo este tipo de encuentros en situaciones peliagudas. Pero uno debe superar sus miedos para encontrarse a sí mismo. Y pronto los Thalmor le seguirán la pista, pues desean la cabeza de cualquier sangre de Dovah empalada en una estaca. Poco importa, pues Luthien no tendrá piedad.

There is nothing worse than walking down a pathway and being assaulted by these guys. Yet I figured their clothing would sell good in Solitude...
There is nothing worse than walking down a pathway and being assaulted by these guys. Yet I figured their clothing would sell good in Solitude…No hay nada peor que descender por un camino y que te ataquen estos tipos, pero calculo que sus atuendos se venderan bien en Solitude.

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Wrecking Palisade – The Rat Queens are Coming!

With the upcoming release of volume 3, I saw it fitting to dedicate this post to talk about a comic series that has captivated me not only on a personal but an academic level. I am of course talking about the biggest badassess ever known to inhabit Palisade: the Rat Queens!!

Since 2010 Image Comics has been in a roll of good releases, more innovative, fascinating and generally speaking, “New” in comparison with the other two titans ( DC & Marvel). Saga, Wyches, Pretty Deadly, East of West, The Wicked and the Divine, Monstress, etc,etc. Image Comics is Booming with fresh content. And Rat Queens is just another example. I mean we are talking of such a radical success since its release in 2013 that there have even been discussions to adapt the series to a cartoon for TV. What else you want?!?!

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Geek Economy – Building a Magic: The Gathering Collection

Last time you heard me out talking about how Games Workshop took a lot of money for not a large quantity of products. Today we will go through a different experience which is equally crippling for your wallet if you try to take the hobby seriously. Trading card games are becoming more and more popular as the years go: Pokemon, YuGiOh, even Legend of the Five Rings if you will. They remind me a bit of the sticker collections I used to have when I was younger, when every Sunday my parents would allow me to buy a new pack to see if I could complete the collection. However these collections had a limited amount of stickers you required, and the stickers that other people would be missing would not always be the same than yours. In essence, it was an ordeal that had a limit. Trading card games of the scales we are talking about end only when you want them to. Continue reading “Geek Economy – Building a Magic: The Gathering Collection”

The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol. 1

Welcome to our first bilingual post and brand new project – The Skyrim Diaries, a collection of posts that will follow the adventures of Skyrim characters created by the team. Bienvenidos a nuestro primer post bilingüe y nuevo proyecto – Los Diarios de Skyrim: colección de posts que narrara las aventuras de los personajes del videojuego creados por el equipo editorial. 

If you are a regular Elder Scrolls player, you may think you know already what this is all about, but give me a chance to explain. I am not doing a run of Skyrim for your perception of the game, but rather for the narrative of a story which is personal to this character. As you all know Elder Scroll games are very versatile and allow for multiple outcomes, endless playability. This is currently my third run of the game. Currently have around 23 mods running at the same time, most in order to improve the aesthetics of the environment, but a few to expand on weaponry, items, etc.

Si sois jugadores regulares de la serie Elder Scrolls tal vez penséis que ya sabéis de qué va este rollo, no obstante permitidme que os lo explique. No se trata de seguir el juego para realizar un análisis o percepción del mismo como instrumento de entretenimiento. Lo que intentamos crear en estos posts es una narración de la historia de nuestros personajes, desde un punto de vista individual y relativamente único. Debido a la gran versatilidad del juego, cada partida produce resultados distintos procurando de este modo una jugabilidad prácticamente ilimitada. Ahora mismo estoy en mi tercera partida, usando unos 23 mods más que nada para mejorar la estética del juego, pero también para incluir nuevos objetos, armas, etc. Continue reading “The Skyrim Diaries – Los Diarios de Skyrim vol. 1”

Killjoys: “The Warrant is All”

With the recent announcement from SyFy confirming that Killjoys is back for the Summer of 2016, I decided it was time we talked about this series that has really tickled me. My father originally recommended that I watched it when I was visiting home for Xmas. He called it “Firefly’s little sister”. And as a commended browncoat that I am, I decided I needed to test this myself. So I hooked up the TV and…

…A few hours and days later, Killjoys was My Kinda Series.

Now, I won’t ruin it all for you and make spoilers, for the 10 episodes that are out so far are really worth while. So I’ll give you a waltz through, see what you think.

The series follows a team of I guess you can call them space bounty hunters. We meet John and Dutch first, then D’Avin comes along. Dutch is the team leader for this squad of Killjoys that works for the RAC – an independent organisation that takes care of business for whoever will pay, always remaining neutral. Dutch is a badass, practical, strong and decisive woman, with a pretty disturbing past, that accounts for a lot of her amazing assassin like moves and skills. She is a fantastic diplomat too and a con artist when needed. And then we have John. John is awesome, everyone loves John. He is daring, reckless, kind and charming. He is both the pilot, engineer, technician and unlikely daredevil of the team – more often than not. Shortly into the first episode, Dutch and John, get hold of D’Avin who is John’s older brother, and who has been missing for several years. The emotional tensions and family issues will take over most of the relationship between the two brothers, and the team in general. And for that reason, D’Avin must prove himself to Dutch. Dutch and John have bonded almost like siblings, and the space amazon is too protective of her own to just let anyone in. But D’Avin is truly a good guy. He used to be in the military – then things and stuff happened…and he wasn’t in the military anymore! – so he is a great addition to the ranks of the RAC. He is a soldier in every way. A hero, put perhaps a broken one. Continue reading “Killjoys: “The Warrant is All””

The One Ring

Seeing as Lilly’s latest post highlighted the fact that we somehow hadn’t talked about RPGs yet, I have decided to make a quick post about one of my favourites! This will also serve as a nice intro to my new series of posts I am working on 🙂

The One Ring, as I’m sure is obvious, is an RPG set in Middle-Earth. It was first released in 2011 by Cubicle7, making it a relatively new game in the world of tabletop RPGs. I first discovered it when I was looking for ideas for the first RPG i could have a proper go at DMing myself (I had tried a one shot with Discworld already, but didn’t get on well with GURPS). I eventually decided to look up what Middle-Earth or Lord of the Rings RPGs were out there. With me still being quite new to RPGs having only tried D&D for the first time a few years earlier, I thought that running a game in a very thoroughly realised world that i was quite familiar with would make things a bit easier for me. I started looking through the previous two RPGs of MERP from 1993 and LOTR RPG from 2002. They seemed like decent games, and were fairly standard. But then I stumbled upon The One Ring, and suddenly found it in my possession…


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Character Creation – Rhia – Human Psyker

I was really disappointed at ourselves that it has taken us this long to write something on table top RPGs! I was taking part in my dad’s games before I could form coherent thoughts of my own, so really I should live up to expectations. I have now been Dming for nearly 12-13 years, and playing for just as long, if not more, so I’ve got A Lot to share. I’ll start with one character I did for one of my friend’s Warhammer 40.000 game – we were playing via forum, and things didn’t really pick up, but the effort was there, and I certainly liked the character concept.

So let me introduce you to Rhia: an imperial psyker who I hope, I’d get to tell you more about in days to come.

Rhia’s Stats:

Character details
Character details – yeah, the stats are not great, did not roll very well, but she has the points were they are needed…

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